Qustions of an innocent common man

An innocent common man is an Indian who follows the flow of life as it comes. His only involvement in politics is voting. He will ask questions without knowing the real intentions behind. In Tamil, Podhu janam.

  1. We are voting to elect a person to serve us. So naturally we should thank them for accepting the offer to serve. But why are they thanking us after winning.
  2. Mr or Ms Government, if you want people to stop smoking, instead of taking pain to write in the box or banning smoking in public, why cant you ban the factories itself.
  3. I really don’t know why people start pressing horn when there is already four seconds left for green signal.
  4. Why there was heavy power cut before three months and when I thought they sorted out everything, why it reemerged again after elections?
  5. Why cant my fellow people understand the concept of queue. Have you noticed, our queue will be a bunch of distorted dots rather than a straight line. When the heaven our fellow people will realize that a person came before us have the privilege to be served in advance.
  6. Why are we calling it as a nation (Tamil nadu) while it is still a state.

As an innocent common man myself, I tend to raise eyebrows on various occasions and so I intend to add points frequently here. Keep checking. You can also feel free to add points.

Kids' story

Will you oppose if I say, your affection towards your kids is because of the pride you derive from the fact that he/she is your representative and his/her dependency that makes you feel secured and comfortable?

How to vote - User manuel

This is not the user Manuel for how to vote in electronic voting machine. As a result of poor voting sense, now we are privileged to have criminals, corrupt, comedians and lunatics as our honourable members of Parliament and assemblies. I have been to the parliament once and I helplessly witnessed how the honourable members wasted people’s money and time shouting for unreasonable cause amidst speaker's feeble voice in front of foreign guests. I felt deeply concerned and for a moment, I thought those terrorists who attempted to strike parliament long before should have been let in to take on some of our diplomatic terrorists.

I am not worried about the low polling in India at all when dignified personalities across the country trying to create awareness terming it as social welfare activity. What if they vote for wrong person? I think everyone would agree to quality is important than quantity. So gentlemen, I decided to give a user Manuel to people of democratic India on how to vote.

  1. Never vote for parties instead vote for individuals. This would help parties to hold right individuals in due course.
  2. Do not vote for candidates with corrupt or criminal background.
  3. Do not vote for religion or caste based parties even though they post right candidates. (It would spoil the national integrity).
  4. Do not vote for candidates without basic political knowledge.
  5. Do not vote if they give money. (you should realize this is an investment)
  6. For candidates who were already on power,
    1. Do not vote them had they had poor attendance in assembly.
    2. Do not vote them if your review on their previous promises are not satisfactory.
    3. Do not vote them had they not actively participated in assembly.
    4. Do not vote them if their answers for any criminal or corruption charges while in power was not satisfactory.

You can help me in extending this. Don’t say this is a piece of work already looks like a propaganda for 49 'O'.

Image courtesy: http://subu.org.uk

Comment on ADVT

Now a days, commercials are making a fool of people. Either they say exaggerated facts or it lack focus and creativity. Huge number of people dancing for unarguably cheap tunes is really disgusting. However recently I saw an advt with good creativity and well executed ideas. They took pain to perfect even the smallest thing that normally goes unnoticed. Particularly the way they used line drawings to emote the characters is absolutely fantastic. Hats off for Vodafone advt with Zoo-Zoo characters.


Kamal Hasan's thirst for perfection is very much evident from the depiction of each and every character, particularly Balram Naidu and the American Villan. From the way he pronounced chidambaram (G-Dam-Brum), I can understand the level of observation with English people. (English people used to pronounce other language words by separating syllabals).

But where in the story comes the need for Kamal Hasan to do all the characters himself.

you too media?

    1. People used to say, we have more than four central ministers from Tamil Nadu and they haven’t done enough to our state. Even media used to say this.
    2. Why should they do for Tamil Nadu while they represent whole of India. What will happen if a Prime Minister thinks like that. I believe we need to learn to think broad.

Why I am not a communist

Both communism and capitalism believe money is the only thing that would bring happiness to the people. The difference is only in the way they divide it. I don’t agree that the money is the ultimate thing for happiness.

Love actually

In my opinion, love is neither divine nor untouchable. It is just natural.

Indian elections 2009 and God

The election is over. The same result. I don’t mean the congress being re-elected.
Again people failed to punish the corrupt and rowdies.

They failed to send a strong message that they are keenly watching. They didn’t review the old faces and they didn’t choose new faces wisely.

Once god gave a chance for a Chinese, Russian and an Indian to interview him. The Chinese asked when my country will develop. God said, not in your life time. He started crying. Russian asked the same question and same answer and same reaction. Indian asked the same question. God started crying. Not in my life time.

Indian culture Vs western culture

    1. Since I have been to western countries and lived with them for a while, very often my friends used to ask which culture is best.
    2. Before going to UK, I used to say that how can a couple live together with out a formal bonding like marriage. Its absolutely crazy. Where is the commitment?
    3. When I was discussing with one of my Irish friends in UK, he said, how can you guyz marry a girl without knowing her. To be precise, how can you have sex with a girl whom you know nothing about. Sex is very intimate thing and you cant have it with strangers. Its absolutely crazy.
    4. Though I minced words without knowing what to answer, it did provoke me to think.
    5. We strongly believe our culture, values and procedures are completely right. And so do they.
    6. In my opinion we don’t have to say some culture is right or otherwise. If we clearly observe, we can sense every culture is well balanced and they enjoy few things at the cost of few other. I will explain this with an example as it is too dry to understand. In western countries, they have individual freedom at the peak. We can see maturity of life and discipline within people even at the age of twelve. But the inter familial relationship is widened. If you put it the other way, it our culture. I hope now you understood what I mean as balance in culture.
    7. Now in India, there seems to be a new breed of people who wants to lead western life keping one leg in India with out knowing the intricasies of both the cultures. I believe they would only end up being called a human mule.

Srilankan issue

    • Though I don’t agree with the methodology of LTTE in pursuing their objective, we can not let down a complete race called Srilankan Tamils.
    • Inspite of their crimes outside their country, we need to agree that they are not fighting for land or money or religion or any dishonourable objective. They are fighting for their rights.
    • It is clearly evident that Srilanka has discriminated laws for Tamilians. I think discrimination and following genocide in any form is inhuman. When a government indulge in such activities, it the responsibility of international community to pointout that mistake and if necessary use strong means to stop this.
    • If I was a consultant to Srilankan Government, I would have advised them to discontinue discriminatory laws and ideas to eradicate LTTE.
Image Courtesy: http://racismandnationalconsciousnessnews.files.wordpress.com

Politics and me

    1. In a short while, a few of my fellow people have advised me to enter politics for various reasons. Some said that is the best available business to earn money, some said I have a background and I should not waste it, some said luck will hit only once and I would only be a looser if I don’t use it and a few said I have it in me and I am needed.
    2. As far as I am concerned, a new political party or a new political leader is not the need of the hour because the people are not yet ready for it. The people are not matured enough to identify right people. Leaders like Kamaraj had been defeated and I don’t have to name who else has been elected.
    3. If your maid brings rotten potatoes from market, will you blame the potatoes or educate maid to select wisely? Hope you understand what the priority is.

Sorry. I am little bit phylosophical some times

    1. Can you steel something without knowing to anyone?

Yeah, I can, if no one is around, obviously no one is going to know. Right answer, but can you steal it without knowing to your own self? Either your answer would be a silence or a no.

    1. People used to say, the world is not good to me. The world to us is not the billions of people live across the borders. The world for us is the few hundred people that we are in touch with either personally or through other means like books, mail etc.
    2. The quality of those people is determined by our own self. If we have helping personality, we would be surrounded by helping people. If we are cautious, we would be surrounded by paranoids and viz.
    3. So coming back to point number one, what ever we do, that can not be done with out knowing to our own self. Everything that we do makes our character. And our character determines our world. And our world is the one that makes us happy or sad. So while making a decision, we should not only consider the effects it causes externally but also internally.

I am sorry God. i feel this way

    1. Right from my childhood I used to fear and prey God as directed by elders.
    2. At one point of time, when my desires gone high and when I believe I need some help other than mine, I used to prey vigorously by all the means as directed by so called spiritualists. In my attempts, inspite of giving all my efforts, only 10% of my prayers were answered. I felt, even that happened accidentally.
    3. That gave me enough evidence that there is no God. Or atleast God is not answering the prayers.
    4. And also if you observe in an unbiased platform, you can see that this world runs with certain rules and regulations as like birth and death. No one can change it. Even if we cry, jump, roll or prey, you can not bring back a dead man alive. And every action thought or did will create innumerable but set reactions. Amazing isn’t it. Who did it? Am I agnostic or panthiest?...


    • I used to read Gnani’s articles in Kumudam regularly. I am kind of impressed with his unbiased approach and deep knowledge on issues. I felt he is the one, who filled the vacuum created by Jayakanthan in expressing thoughts bravely.
    • But while criticising Karunanidhi and Abdul Kalam, I feel he is taking the attack little personally. I would suggest him to confront ideas, opinions and actions of other people rather than person him/her self.
Image courtesy: http://prabhuphotojournalist.files.wordpress.com

Biriyani phylosophy

    • I like biriyani. If it is from Venu hotel, I love it. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness when I eat biriyani. But if I eat it three times a day for thirty days, the idea of last biriyani is nauseating.
    • Same biriyani, first day – happiness, last day – nausea. Is the happiness inside or outside. Am I so philosophical?....

Patriotism - An attitude to be abandoned

    1. People say I am self cantered when I say ‘I’.
    2. People say I am narrow minded when I say I love my caste or religion.
    3. People say I am against national integrity if I say my race or state is the best.
    4. But they hail me that I am patriotic when I say I am proud to be an Indian. Pride is a negative attitude. We don’t have to be proud to be anything. Common, lets love people everywhere and not borders.

A question to communists

When you say you are against BJP for the reason that they divide people based on religion, don’t you think you too divide people based on class.

Uneccessary hype for Oscar to AR Rahman

    • I am happy because it made him (ARR) happy. What else can I say.
    • The movie is not natural. Indian cultural emotions are displaced by British sarcastic humour. I don’t understand why people from poor country will only have negative thoughts. Besides, this is not his best music. He has done far better works before.
    • I repeat. I am happy because it made him happy. What else can I say.
Image Courtesy: http://breakingupdate.com

Oh my fellow people

    1. Ruling party leader visited my place. The members of the party dug holes in newly laid road to erupt arches to welcome their leader. I was irritated. How can they damage public property?
    2. Opposing party and few more party leaders visited. The number of holes and damage increased and so did my irritation.
    3. In my next street our fellow people got a function in his house. He dug the road in the middle to erupt shamiana. Ohh yeah. Politicians comes from people.

Vijay Kanth - I doubt his intentions

    • I think his success so far is because of the misdeeds of opposition rather than his own positives.
    • He says he will not object Stalin’s position in the party as family politics because he was there in the party from long before. I don’t understand his ideology. There were thousands of people in DMK who were there longer than Stalin. The question is, has he acquired this post based on merit or family back ground. I think his statement clearly implies his desire to bring his family into politics.
    • He says he will eradicate corruption. He says all the other parties are corrupted.
    • But when I noticed, he does everything same as other parties. He also believes in spending money in election to win the seats. He also has that narcissistic personality as like other spoiled politicians. This is evident in the way they portray the cut outs and banners and his likeness towards it. He also goes mad on goal rather than path as like other politicians.
    • There is an old saying ‘If you do the same thing same way, you will get the same result’.

Are they right in supporting Srilankan tamils?

    1. I appreciate all the people who wanted to lend a helping hand to the suffering tamils in warzone in Srilanka. It’s indeed a nice gesture to feel and try to help ailing people.
    2. But I think we need to do this in the grounds of humanity rather than racial fanatic feeling. Common, lets feel for the people in the warzones in Iraq, Afganistan and even in Pakistan.


Freedom is the only means of knowledge. I mean complete freedom to face the results of the rights and wrongs of their own self.

Kongunadu Munnetra Peravai

Political parties are started to ensure the peaceful life to people. A party that represents caste or religion or sects will divide people. Division of people creates fear. Fear is the cause of terrorism. And terrorism….., there ends peaceful life.

A political party should have a national view. Their idea of developing kongunadu, creation of new God, money they spend, their foolish religious beliefs implies their intentions and policies are not honourable, proactive and broad minded.

Corruption again

As per Indian political structure, a party can spend certain amount of money at the time of elections. And they are free to spend enough money for the development of their party. Political party is not a business enterprise to generate money. They are reliable on others and this makes them liable immediately. And gentlemen, this is the starting point for bias I believe.

Root of corruption

I don’t think corruption starts with Politician. But it starts with people. Almost everyone starting from auto driver to business man wants to earn the extra money through unjust means. Then why blame only politician. After all he is one among the people. When you pick an apple from a box of 100 with 99 spoiled, the probability of getting good apple is poor.

I would say no to 33% for ladies.

    • MP, MLA, Minister, Chief Minister and Prime minister are the supreme posts of the democratic India that directly influence the well being of the people. Even a small mistake by them may make the people to suffer for generations.
    • At the moment, majority of ladies are not exposed independently to face the real world. They are dependent and shielded. This makes their general personality poor and their knowledge limited.
    • Now tell me, do you think it is worth taking a risk of exposing ladies with substandard qualities directly to supreme posts. Don’t you think they are most prone to make wrong decisions because of lack of exposure? And as I said early you know how much these wrong decision may affect people.
    • This world belongs to every living creature. No one can be neglected. Ladies should actively take part in politics. No doubt about it.
    • But to do that, we need to create good environment for them to accumulate the qualities required to acquire the top position in politics. If you want to make a man win the running race, we need to give good food to make him strong and good practice to sharpen his skills. Instead we cant just place him 20 meters ahead of others or ask others to run slowly.
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I don’t think any one can foretell the future for others. Because future is determined by the totality of all the choices made in the past and the present. So future is not out side or waiting. It is inside and subject to change as like one’s thoughts.

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