• I used to read Gnani’s articles in Kumudam regularly. I am kind of impressed with his unbiased approach and deep knowledge on issues. I felt he is the one, who filled the vacuum created by Jayakanthan in expressing thoughts bravely.
    • But while criticising Karunanidhi and Abdul Kalam, I feel he is taking the attack little personally. I would suggest him to confront ideas, opinions and actions of other people rather than person him/her self.
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kala said...
March 3, 2012 at 3:31 PM

MR GNANI is a writer whose comments leave a lot to be desired,He comments on subjects which he is familiar or he comments just because he wants to write.You are not supposed to comment on defence personnel because they are after all doing their job,When the 26-11 incident happened at Mumbai everyone congragulated the defence people and commandos but Mr. Gnani had a comment there also in kalki that the navy commandoes where wearing a very slim light cloth covering their faces and so many other things.First of all it is their way of attire we who have no knowledge about these things should not make comments that we are not familiar,i am sure he has never been on the battle feild or if i might say so in one of the hotels saving people,people like him make a mockery of the free speech given to them and act as if they are more intelligent than any other person.everyone follows their own set of rules and it is not for us to question it.We are not the people who where present when the event took place.people like you sir appear to take advantage of the free speech theory and express whatever is convenient to you.this goes for nuclear plant at kudankulam as well as the encounter by police recently.people like you are so fenzied that you make comments about which you are neither aware of you where never anywhere near th spot.

Bharathi said...
March 5, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Dear Kala,

First of all, I congratulate and thank you for expressing your difference of opinion in a more polite and gentle way. this is something rare now a days. I thank you one more time.

though I hail his writings, I have my own disagreements with him as like you.

if you read my blog carefully, you can understand that I am never adamant with my opinions. all my efforts are towards understanding the truth. if you can convince me with a relative truth, in no time, I will agree with you. at the same time, I feel it is not a valid argument that we need to be there in the field to comment on any issues. it means that if you have to comment on a cinema, you need to be a director. I dont think this is valid enough for me to change my opinions.

Anonymous said...
March 13, 2012 at 8:51 PM

I wanted to really comment about Gnani's O pakkangal in kalki recently. I am also a very ardent follower of Gnani, and was actually with him in every way, when he sited kalaignar's age and his ailments, a long time ago in one of his o pakkangal. My only question whenever I read about the koodankulam issue is this:- Why have people kept quiet all along? may be there were protests earlier, but all the political parties seem intent, all the writers seem to be obsessed with this issue, only recently. When the infra structure was being set up, all these people could have raised their worries to the then ruling party. Now in the final stages, why all this cry/ies? Will anyone answer this simple question?

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