Politics and me

    1. In a short while, a few of my fellow people have advised me to enter politics for various reasons. Some said that is the best available business to earn money, some said I have a background and I should not waste it, some said luck will hit only once and I would only be a looser if I don’t use it and a few said I have it in me and I am needed.
    2. As far as I am concerned, a new political party or a new political leader is not the need of the hour because the people are not yet ready for it. The people are not matured enough to identify right people. Leaders like Kamaraj had been defeated and I don’t have to name who else has been elected.
    3. If your maid brings rotten potatoes from market, will you blame the potatoes or educate maid to select wisely? Hope you understand what the priority is.


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