Sorry. I am little bit phylosophical some times

    1. Can you steel something without knowing to anyone?

Yeah, I can, if no one is around, obviously no one is going to know. Right answer, but can you steal it without knowing to your own self? Either your answer would be a silence or a no.

    1. People used to say, the world is not good to me. The world to us is not the billions of people live across the borders. The world for us is the few hundred people that we are in touch with either personally or through other means like books, mail etc.
    2. The quality of those people is determined by our own self. If we have helping personality, we would be surrounded by helping people. If we are cautious, we would be surrounded by paranoids and viz.
    3. So coming back to point number one, what ever we do, that can not be done with out knowing to our own self. Everything that we do makes our character. And our character determines our world. And our world is the one that makes us happy or sad. So while making a decision, we should not only consider the effects it causes externally but also internally.


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