Proud to be an Indian?.....I doubt

When I was a kid studying in school, I remember every morning in the assembly, we used to take pledge. Few words I still remember but the most important statement for this blog is ‘I am feeling proud to be an Indian’. Pride is a negative word loaded with plenty of emotions. Emotions will only hide the truth from our sight.

Not only with nation, we associate emotions with all the possible aspects under the sky say, religion, language, caste or state virtually everything. If we carry emotions with issues, it would prevent us from seeing the negative side of it. Ignoring a negative side of an issue will completely shut all the possibilities of improvement. The only first step to come out of a mess is to recognise that we are in big pile of mess.

Now let us see what are the few things dragging our country back from development in a most unbiased way wearing no masks of emotion. Lets be brave enough to point out our own mistakes.

Quality of work:

Nation is nothing but a bunch of people living in a stipulated area. National income is the totality of income earned by those people. Increase in national income indicates growth and this is directly proportional to how well we gauge the demands of current world and how efficiently we cater to it. I explained all this tenth grade Economics lesson to stress that unless people of India work efficiently, India can not grow. Our ineptness in work can be proved from the below listed smallest activities. I only mention small activities here because as per swami Vivekananda ‘We can judge a man’s efficiency only by watching how well he does the small things’ and I fully agree to it.

  • While working on road dividers, we don’t place sign board, only to find a vehicle got accident over the half finished divider next day morning and we call it as a trivial aspect and say 'he should have been more attentive'.
  • When we do export business, we never give importance to our commitments allowing foreigners to expand IST as Indian Stretched Time and we say minor delays are unavoidable.
  • We never understand the importance of minimum quality requirements of products, stating 'low priced goods tend to have substandard quality'.
  • If you loose a phone during night hours, you don’t have the facility to block the simcard. Similarly with credit cards.
  • And I don’t have to explain the quality of work and services in the government enterprises like bank, telephone exchange, electricity board etc. They are all computerised now. WOW. (please excuse the counter clerk operating computer with his index finger taking 4 minutes per person while 137 customers were waiting.)

Religious and caste fanaticism:

Before elections, in my place I was taken for granted to vote for a caste party. They were so vehement to the extent that I have to relinquish speaking against them or carefully avoid that topic in a discussion. Nobody in the world talk about Hitler’s first few years which was the best growth period ever in history. The cruelties he unearthed afterwards made us to think that we would rather stay 10 years behind in growth than facing those inhuman genocides. But in India we hail religious parties for its efficient rule in certain states in spite of all the violence and subsequent deaths. Even if it is gold everywhere, what are we going to enjoy when there is a threat attached to our life. After all you need to be alive to enjoy the so called efficient rule. Believe me, loving fellow people is a virtue. When will we understand religion is there to unite and not to divide. In their own line of thought, religion is there to save them and this can not be otherwise. So now I want to say that we are still caste and religious fanatics which is a sorry character of a barbarian.

Quality of People:

  • While parking a car, we never think if we have done it such a way that we don’t disturb others.
  • While erecting shamiyana on the road for a function in our house, we never think that we would disrupt the fellow people and damage the road.
  • We would easily become angry when some one burns Indian flag in the Pakistan border or some actor/ actress fails to stand while playing national anthem. But we don’t bother to spray trash everywhere on the road. We hate our fellow people based on caste or religion. We can never see a nation as, people living there, instead we see nation as border, flag, national anthem, cricket team etc.
  • We never penalize a corrupt or religious fanatic politician. We accept corruption as a part of the system and blame some rare good politicians as a looser.

This is exactly where we stand now. I would only a blind person, if I say I am proud to be an Indian. If any of the people confront me saying I am an anti Indian, I remember beautiful lines form the famous song ‘Alice’ from smokie ‘I gotta get used to not living next door to Alice’. Similarly I gotta get used to living with people like this for ever.

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bharat said...
October 11, 2010 at 10:23 PM

then don't live here and go away, spend some time with the people you like, and if you really like them plan to stay with them or in that nation foreever because we need people who can give solution to a problem and not the ones who are problems themselves, critisizing others is the easiest thing an Indian can do and that includes you my dear friend, why don't you try and teach, have you ever approached anyone who has parked his vehicle the wrong way or for that matter have you ever stopped someone from trash all over the road, its very easy to push an already moving vehile but its very difficult to set it in motion from rest, what you see in western countries, those standards have been set by their ancestors, and the good thing is that they try and follow, what you set is going to be followed by the generations to come, please teach this to your kids and follow them yourself religiously, only then can you qualify to be a critic....

Bharathi said...
October 12, 2010 at 2:08 AM

Your comment is based on too much of assumptions. I feel it is just a feeble sound of a sentimental Indian who cant live in reality.

I am sorry friend you have to accept reality to take any further actions.

But thanks for commenting.

Bharat said...
October 13, 2010 at 1:40 PM

the same is true for your article as well; a frustrated, ill informed, weak individual who derives pleasure in finding faults and always finds grass to be greener on the other side, while I may not deny some of the facts put forth by your article but you can also not deny the fact that these all points are there in all big countries around the world. The biggest problem with Indians is that once they have visited a foriegn country they immediately start making comparisions, not realising that its not an easy task to push forward a nation of 1 billion people with diverse cultures and lifestyles. No other nation in this world can claim such diversity. Like minded people are always easy to lead but making a Bihari, Sikh, Haryanvi, muslim and a christian to understand at the same time the importance of cleanliness, requires manouvreing skills of the highest order. these problems stated by your article cannot be solved overnight but will require deliberate planning and strong implementation of orders(which of course we would not like to follow at the initial stages, but I bet that once spanked on the rearside, every donkey will follow instructions), and once the wheel is set in motion then one destination will lead to another. My only point is that instead of critisizing the sorry state of affairs in our country(which unfortunately has now become a fad amongst us Indians including you), let us find positive points, be educated, be courageous to point out a wrong(it takes guts of steel to tell someone on his face that 'you are an ***hole to peek on the road'). Just as different religions preach the same thing in different ways, different kind of people cannot be made to follow single set of rules(unless dealt with iron fists). The best possible way is to educate people, which any educated person can do including you. Instead of feeling sorry for being born in India and remembering Smokies lyrics remember what Swami Vivekanada said, "Arise, awake and stop not till you have achieved your goal". Start working now Bharathi and maybe you can pray to God for organising your next birth in a (clean) Country of your choice, till then whether you llike it or not you are an INDIAN.

Bharathi said...
October 15, 2010 at 5:28 PM

a lot improved thinking but still more assumptions. you need to read my another post "the choices I would like to make" to understand my intentions better.

and one last point, to come out of shit, the first step is to realize that we are in shit. that is what exactly I did here.

However I appreciate your intention to bring up this country. so am I. but I want to do it in a different way.

all the best.

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