Perception – A hindrance I would say

During the little time left after my vain efforts to change most of the things that went opposite of my expectations, I used to think what is the objective of life. Seeing me start like this, please don’t run away thinking that I am going to write boring crap calling it as philosophy. Though I am going to do exactly the same; I have a beautiful small story in-between to cheer you up.

Some feel, finishing studies in first class, making yourself eligible for an wonderful IT job to teleport you straight to some company in silicon valley, marrying a beautiful girl of your interest couple of years later, getting kids and watching them grow is the best life and that should be the objective. Some others want to become a successful business man or politician with all the powers and money intact would be the best life and that should be one’s objective. But I have seen many people who achieved that and still not content. I was shocked to see one of the powerful, wealthy and famous persons attempting suicide. This incident happened to be my eye opener.

After four and half years of thinking and three years of reading many books on it, and almost a decade of observing various kind of people in this world, I understood that I don’t know the objective of life. May be I can say that learning would be my current objective. I indeed value this discovery much more as this is the one which installed open-mindedness in me. Once I got this open-mindedness, my learning curve went steep up and the feeling that I am growing gives me immense pleasure, though I haven’t reached my destination.

I feel the major obstacle for learning is perception. We all have our own opinion on various aspects of life. If we approach any thing with a perception, we stand less chance of knowing its true self. We can understand peception in a better way if we relate it to human relations than topics and subjects. If you have a good perception on some one, you will convince your self even if he/she do something wrong and this is quite opposite if you have bad peception on him/her. Now its time to unearth the beautiful small story.

Once a Buddhist monk visited a Zen monk at his residence. Being curious, the Buddhist monk asked the Zen monk to teach him on ‘way of Zen’.

The Zen monk smiled quietly and asked “why can’t we have some tea before we start”

“By all means” replied the Buddhist monk.

A humble disciple brought a long plate having couple of empty tea cups and a jar full of Tea.

The Zen monk took the responsibility of serving and poured tea in the cup, but he didn’t stop even after the cup was full.

The Buddhist monk got impatient and said “stop pouring!!”

Zen monk asked “why?”

“The cup is already full. What ever you pour more will only go waste”

“ Exactly” said the Zen monk. “Your mind is already full with Buddhism and what ever I say on Zen will only go waste”.

Similarly, my short lesson says that unless we shed away our perception, we can not see reality. If we don’t see reality, we may not grow.


Apart from boring you with my so called philosophy, I am sorry for not keeping this post short. Even I hate reading loooong posts.

Note 2:

I know this template sucks. But I messedup with my previous one. I have to hangarround with this one untill I find some time to work out a new one.

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13 comments: said...
July 18, 2009 at 7:40 PM

nice post
though m not very fond of reality :P
and love dreams and imagination more :)
and this template isnt very bad ... trust me ... but ya change ... change is good ...lols:P
heh e

Bharathi said...
July 18, 2009 at 8:33 PM

@ Suga: Thanks a lot for dropping in and leaving a comment.

I too dream a lot and cherish imagination, but reality is always there for everyone to face. The choice is, are we getting the correct message or assuming the other.

I will stop here. You are making me to write philosophical again. I will only bore people speaking about it in posts, not on comments :-)

Shankar said...
July 18, 2009 at 9:44 PM

@bharathi: I really dont know why people wanna get job..get married..get a house..end their life.... Is this what totally life is about? there is nothing more than this?? I will soon write a post very similar to this topic.. i had a conversation with one of my friends who feel life is getting a job,girl,house,family..thats it.. I am not against it.. but is that the end???

Vipul Grover said...
July 18, 2009 at 10:53 PM

Hey if thts a long post thn how do u bear my posts???

tht story nd its intrpretation are nice. gt across d point pretty nicely.

As for learning d objective of life, is in itslf an objective, as u said. Its a continuous process, as each new experience will add a new meaning to this search!

nd yeah, though i wrote a simple 'gud gud' in ur chatbox, reality is, as u admit candidly; ur tmplate really sucks ;)

Surya said...
July 19, 2009 at 12:42 AM

The question, "Is the glass half empty or half full?" serves to demonstrate the way an object can be perceived in different ways.

Bharathi said...
July 19, 2009 at 2:05 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Survivor said...
July 19, 2009 at 9:01 PM

Very True, its all about the viewpoint through which one views the world.

Bharathi said...
July 20, 2009 at 8:46 AM

@ Survivour: Thanks survivor. I am grateful that you are back again in comments.

Bharathi said...
July 20, 2009 at 10:09 AM

@Shankar: You are askig right questions. I am happy.
But its sad that I should miss your comments for a while. Any way thanks a lot for your comment.

@Vipul: If you can check with my first few posts, you can see how short I used to write. But after meeting a person called Vipul in blog, I used to write long posts :-) (Just kiddding). The actual reason is my narrating skills are not as good as yours. I doubt if I can inspire a viewer to read all the way untill the end of the post. so I thought its better to keep it short.

Thanks for your complements and your honest (naked) opinion on my template :-) soon I would change it.

@ Surya: Hey!! Nice to see you again in comments section.

I believe wearing a coloured glass will give only coloured image irrespective of we calling it as optimism or pessimism.

I would suggest we should even come out of so called positive perception.

Keep leaving comments.

Girl Next Door said...
July 20, 2009 at 5:33 PM

Hey ! It was not boring ... but quite interesting... In fact an eye opener :)

Keep Penning...

Bharathi said...
July 20, 2009 at 6:39 PM

@ girl next door: Thanks for your visit and nice comment. said...
July 21, 2009 at 3:40 PM

hey hie
I have tagged you for the first time ...please reply... as this is my first tag ... I will be dissapointed if you wont reply ... hehe :P
take care

manivannan said...
August 1, 2009 at 11:17 AM

it is true bharathi. i also felt the same that im standing in a junction and without knowing which is my route to continue my journey after a lengthy running race towards meterialistic world. what u want to say . i must my empty my cup means my marks in past. i thing it is better to dip some sugsr cubes to overflow the old tea and then my new tea may be sweat than in past. it will be mixture . it is enough for time being. that day will come to empty fully and top up with new one.thanks

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