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My opinion on punches part II

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Hello all.

Note: if you are a new visitor I would suggest you to read my previous post click here to read it) to have a better understanding.

First of all, thanks a lot for your wonderful comments in the previous post.

May be you can take this as a disclaimer. “what ever I write here are just my opinions that are prone to change as I don’t believe in strong constant stances. I used to be a theist for most part of my life. I was an atheist for a short while and now I am an agnostic. I don’t know who I will be tomorrow. People call me inconsistent with my views but I don’t mind them calling so, as I believe consistency is a big hindrance for growth.

Who is God?

To understand this, first I would like you all to shed your pretences and prejudices entrusted by all our elders. I hope you will allow me to say even elder err sometimes.

Secondly I would suggest you to leave away the fear followed by the trust that a super power God can take us out of all the distress that we developed in life.

Right, now we are in a perfect frame of mind to understand who is God.

Now come out of your home and look at this mammoth nature, universe, stars and behind that. Did you notice that this world has everything for all the living things form birth to death. If you keenly observe you can notice that every action creates impression in mind which affect ones charater. (To explain this, ‘someone can steal something without knowing to anyone. But they can’t do so without knowing to themselves’). This makes me believe that there is something powerful that have done this.

Somehow I can’t believe there is someone with Eyes, nose, mouth and smiley face with four hands have done this. Or I can’t believe that someone sitting up in the skies with clay, giving life to all the dolls that he make.

Is God the creator of Nature? Or nature itself?

As far as my current opinion, I am sure he is not going to change individual lives as he gave full freedom to mankind to choose their destiny.
I honestly can’t think more than this. But I have this long urging doubt, why have he/she created this life. What he/she wants us to do? I would be thankful if anyone give a convincing reply for this long standing doubt.

Violence and nonviolence:

Coming back to the second point of violence.
We should not confuse enforcing law with self improvement. I can understand that utopian society is not pragmatic and I am well aware that laws should be created keeping this fact in mind. But at the same time, the rulers should not only think and act on just an incident, comfortably forgetting the cause for it.

If there is a headache, I wouldn’t suggest eating a tablet, instead I would ask you to find the correct reason for it and rectify it.

Every coup, rebellion or violence would be preceded by undue domination. In addition to penalizing the people who are responsible for Mumbai terror attack, I want them to probe into why these terrorists were ready to sacrifice even their lives for this mission, and eventually take actions to rectify the root cause.

And finally a real life example from the life of Mahathma Gandhi for those who believe non violence will not get any results.

As usual once Gandhi was travelling in the third class compartment of a train. The person who was sitting near Gandhi was frequently spitting inside the compartment making the place a mess.

Gandhi asked him to spit it out citing the above reason, but he didn’t give ear to that. So, when next time he spat inside, Gandhi took a paper and cleaned it by himself. He did this for three times and after that he apologized and started spitting out side.

If we were a coward, we would have kept quiet at that moment. If we were a violent person, we would have given a slap on his face and asked him to spit outside. But then, we wouldn’t have won his heart and there was a high possibility that he would repeat that mistake again in our absence. But being a non violent, Gandhi won his heart and I strongly believe he wouldn’t have repeated that mistake again in his life. I call this as a complete success.

After reading my post, I know few may disagree with me. But I will not insist on you to accept whatever I said here but I would definitely suggest you to have an open mind with this topic and always try to think one step ahead than what we think now. Hope no one would have any problem in adapting this suggestion :-)

Note: Reading all these, please dont think I am a second Gandhi living in this era. I am only a non violance supporter. I havent yet matured to be a nonviolent practitioner. Hope will and wish to be one in future.

Unless I answer all your brilliant comments individually, my heart will say I insulted my fellow bloggers. So, find my reply to each of your previous comments below.

@ Lakshmi rajan: I am really glad that you have the same view as mine. I appreciate it. I am glad again.

@ Indian Pandit: I am glad that you accepted my positive criticism though you don’t agree. I hope I answered your comment in my post above written. Btw. Do you know, in Bhagawat Gita, Krishna says “come out of duals Arjun” That duals includes Good and Bad. Yes Good too.

@ Vipul: Thanks a lot pal. I learned a bit from you too.

@ BK Chawla: I hope I answered your comment in the second part of my post. Thanks for the comment pal.

@ Shankar: I am happy to see that you accept my point of view. I pity your friend and I hope the standard of thinking of our people would improve soon. And I believe Shruti would call me crazy and mad too :-)

@ Harry: thanks for your comment pal. Hope you find a reply in the post. Btw, did you see my awards post to pick your award?

@ Guria: You asked which certain laws?

I would like to answer this question with a story which I like a lot.

Long time ago, in a village a person was very much depressed with the death of his father. He somehow wanted to bring him back.

His friend suggested “ A person called Buddha is in our village now. You can go to him. He is a great sage and he can bring back your father’s life”.

Our fellow ran to Buddha and asked him to bring back his father’s life.

Buddha said “no problem. Tomorrow, take a pot, fill it half with black stone and rest with butter and bring it to the lake. I will bring your father back.”

He ran to his home, did the same and met Buddha at lake. Buddha asked him to come around the lake nine times. He did the same and asked for life.

Buddha said “you can’t have it that easy. Take a stick, go into the water and break the pot with one strike within water. If you do so, the black stone will float, butter will sink and your father will come alive.”

He went in, with all the strength he broke the pot. But alas, the black stone sank and butter floated up.

Very dejected, he said to Buddha, “Swami, you deceived me. How in earth will a black stone will float and butter will sink?”

Buddha said “excellent, if you know this much, why can’t you understand a dead man can’t come alive”

This story is to say that the world is run by certain laws and we can’t break it. Only thing we can do is to understand that and adapt to it.

Thanks a lot for your long comment. And I hope I answered your rest in the post.
@ Anu: thanks friend. I am happy that you liked it.

@ Sid: Yeah you are right. People think I am an oxymoron. Being an atheist or agnostic, they naturally expect me to be an extreme violent. But unfortunately am an extreme nonviolent (supporter). Rare bread eh?
Hope I answered rest of your point in this post.

@ Pra: thanks for your comment. Thanks for agreeing partly with me. Hope I answered you in the post. Btw, do you know Karma is one of the way for self realization?

@ evanescentthoughts: I believe I reflected your comment in this post too :-)

@ Vishnu: I love matrix series. Especially the first one. How beautifully they incorporated Indian philosophy into an action movie. Great. Btw. Thanks for your info on Jefferson.

@ Amit: Good point on Sweden pal. Thanks for a wonderful comment.

@ Sathish: Hope I answered your comment in my post. Thanks for your honest comment.

@ Bliss: I don’t disagree on your first point. I am glad that you liked point two too. Thanks for informing on my template. This is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. IF ANYONE FELLS THE SAME WAY AS BLISS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

@ Shruti: I appreciate your honest confession. I wish your ideas grow day by day in this topic. Hope I answered your second part in the post. Don’t worry about the length of your comment as I can see the time you invested in writing it and am thankful to that.

@ Suga: You got an excellent state of mind. In addition to respecting others point of view, if you also ready to accept other's if they are right, it would be great.

My opinion on punches

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My blogger friend Indian Pandit is a very thinking person and his thoughts will always be straight and strong. So naturally I like to read all his posts. Recently he published a post on “Opposite punches – First instalment” and it was very nice as usual. Though I appreciate his courage in questioning the quotes of great personalities, I differ with his points to great extent. I started typing this reply in his comments section, but since this looked like a long reply, I decided to make it as a post allowing all of my blogger buddies to read and leave a comment here.

Mr. Jefferson’s Quote:
“Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.”

Indian Pandit's reply to Mr. Jefferson:
Mr.Jefferson, how about questioning "with boldness" the paternity of your father? Do you think he would have approved this "homage of reason" more than that of blindfolded belief? You delivered this "sermon" on August 10, 1787. Obviously there was no way by which you could have determined your biological father except your mother's word. Again, my question is, on what basis did you trust your mother's word. How did she proved to you that the person you called father is actually your biological father? Also, how do you know your mother is actually your biological mother?

The answer to this question is : TRUST & BELIEF!
Same is with God.So guys,have trust in His existence and have faith in Him.
There is no room for questioning Him.
Just like you don't question your mother and father.
What needs to be questioned is Religion until you find the answer!
Or better still, try and form your own philosophies regarding God.
That's a "homage of reason".

My opinion:

I don’t know who Mr. Jefferson is, but I see a lot of sense in what ever he said. Even Swami Vivekananda said similar words once “I would prefer an atheist than a blind theist”

Gandhi said “What ever the message you have, it should be given with love, or else the message and messenger both will be rejected”. Here, by touching a very sentimental issue of parental paternity I believe my friend IP left chance for many to get offended.

But nevertheless I will answer his point. Why people are reluctant in probing their true parental identity?

They don’t want to create chaos to a smoothly run family in that unlikely event of getting unwanted result. Or they are reluctant in facing the truth if found negative. I don’t know what does this have in relation to belief in God? Please explain IP.

I believe, asking question is a sign of maturity. Unless we ask questions in life, we can not move forward. Every development, whether it is mental or material, moved forward only because we questioned. Sidhardha became Buddha only because he questioned.
Even swami Vivekananda was an atheist before he joined Ramakrishna. Only thing we should keep in mind is to be unbiased with the answers we get and move forward.

My friend IP said we need to have “trust and belief in God”.

But why should I have trust and belief in God?

Is that to please the God to give some favors over my fellow people?

I strongly believe this world is run with certain laws which no one can change it. If at all, all the prayers had power, there wouldn’t be anyone dyeing. I have seen a friend praying whole hearted to save her husband who was in death bed. I can bet she prayed with all intensity as her husband means a lot to her. But still death was inevitable. That is what is the beauty of nature. Nature doesn’t have exceptions or lend ears to recommendations. So I don’t want to believe in god to get this never existent favor.

Or may be diplomatically we can say ‘we need to thank God for giving a lovely life’. For this, first of all I need to love life. When I am in bliss with each and every moment of this life, I can thank God for giving this wonderful world. But as like more common beings, I face troubles and happiness together. When I am troubled, I am sad. When I am happy, I enjoy it. So I need to wait to thank God until I treat every incident with balance.

But by seeing the thirst for freedom in all living things, the well organized happenings in life, the cause and effect of Karma, I am interested in understanding God. Still I don’t want to believe, but I definitely want to understand. Once I understood, I will start believe. But before that, though I dont believe, I woudnt say there is no God.

If my friend IP say that he is an enlightened person and experienced God himself and that is the reason why he is asking everyone to believe in God, then I will be very happy for him. But if not, I could remember famous words of Jagi, “Unless you realize it by yourself, it would only look like one blind person explaining another blind about the beauty of sunrise”.

Gandhi’s statement:
"An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind"

IP’s reply to Gandhi,
My enemy comes and takes out my one eye.
It hurts. It bleeds. I suffer. My family suffers.
Now i can see only with one eye.
But i say: "An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind"
He comes back and takes out my other eye.
It hurts.It bleeds. I suffer.My family suffers.
My enemy says:"The world can see, but you cant, you are blind!!!"


"Forgive and Forget" does not work with evil!!!!!
My opinion on this:

First of all, what is evil?

One person’s evil is another person’s virtue.

If you take Mumbai bomb blast, for us it is evil. But for those who did it, it is a virtue. Every one see evil and virtues with their own perspective. So if every one wants to take an eye of their evil, we can only see the world as a shelter of a blind community. If you think deep, the cause of terrorism arised only because of this faith. They were hurt by some incident. They want to recenge their pain which resulted in terrorism. I dont know if love will make the whole world glowing, but I am sure taking an eye for an eye will make whole world blind.

Secondly, violence is an instant reaction. Any reaction which is instant will lack sense. Violence comes because of fear. Fear leads to hatred. And hatred is one of the root cause for all the suffering.

Hope IP would take this as a constructive criticism. I dont reiterate what ever said here is the only truth in this universe. So, I welcome differences.

You can read my part II of this post here (click here)

Blog a ton, tag and awards

Blog a ton:

Blog a ton is over now.

Blog a ton should have given enormous amount of happiness to couple of guys who won the contest. (congrats pals)

For those who haven’t , it should have done something great to their budding Ego
(especially me)which was growing because of increasing number of followers and positive comments.

But still, on both the blog a tons, the person whom I voted has won. (I would never learn. Will I?)

Apart from this I believe blog a ton made all of us broad minded by making us accept and understand ‘voting for some one else is not a crime’ as they can only vote for one person. And also they are judging only a post in their own perspective. I also believe all our blogging buddies would understand not to link friendship with votes.

Kudos to Vipul for running this.


Shankar and Shruti tagged me for the brands I use in a day.

I have seen all of your tags with all the colourful brand logo pics which I may not do because of nothing other than laziness.
  • Lets start from my head. Yeah I do wear a helmet occasionally. I forgot the brand of it. It is lying in the next room. But I don’t bother to take a look at it because of the same above said laziness. (I don’t know why, but I am very lazy today. See, I didn’t even link the name of the winners in the second sentence of this post.)
  • Furthur down, comes my eyes. I do wear a sunglass while driving, when it is very sunny. I have two pairs. One is a RAY BAN. I got the second pair in a platform shop in Spain. I didn’t remember the brand (will it have a brand name?). It s down in the car and again I am lazy to climb down and up.
  • Then comes my mouth and there is nothing interesting. I used to smoke (I tasted almost all the brands right from bedi to cigar). But now I quit :-(
  • Then comes the neck, I never wear jewellary at any part of my body. So I cant name any brand here.
  • Then my pocket, I used to have my Nokia cellphone. Its just nokia. Don’t ask me the number. I don’t know. Its not worth remembering the number. Its complicated. (and yeah, currency don’t have a brand. Its universal)
  • I have a pen which says it is from sure it’s a complement. I used to carry costly pens before, but not now. Or else one of my friends will have the same pen in his pocket next day and will say is this the pen custom made for you? when I ask if this is my pen.
  • Regarding shirts, I use right from LP, VH to street brands. And I forgot to mention that I love to wear one of our Belgium customer’s t-shirts. They are awesome.
  • I am not going further down. Its censored.
  • Then comes my legs. I use plenty of shoes like Nike, Reebok, Metro, Next, Puma, Adidas. Yes I am a shoe fetish.
  • Yeah I use bike (Hero Honda CBZ) for short travel and car (skoda) or Bus (is that Ashok Leyland?) for long travel.
I think this is more than enough for this tag. I am not going to tag anyone as I don’t want to give any one the pain of loading images for every point they write. But however if any one feel like doing it, they can offcourse take it.


I recently got few awards from my blogger buddies which I would like to give it back. I dont want to give inappropriate awards and so i searched for some in the web. so, I might not own some of the awards that I give here.

Zombie chicken award:

INFO ABOUT THIS AWARD: The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words.

This was given by Vipul. It seems that I need to face the wrath of zombie chicken if I don’t give it to five other bloggers. Vipul already faced the wrath of zombies by giving it to only one. I decided to join Vipul.

This award goes to Amit singh

Superior scribber award:

This was given by Shruti.

I decided to give this award to Lakshmirajan. (dont bother about the rules if it irritates you)

  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Blogging Friends.
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Intellectual blogger award:

Indian Pandit

Golden pen award:


Butterfly award:


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Honest blogger award:


Thats all for now pals.

Teachers: Aaj Kal

This post has been published by me on the occasion of the Teachers' Day as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 2; the second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Thanks to few of our blogger buddies who translated ‘Teachers: Aaj Kal’ as ‘Teachers: now and then’ relieving me from the pain of looking for some Hindi speaking friends.

I think, if I have to speak about teachers, I should speak about the education first, as the message comes before the messenger. And also for some reason, I am not able to see Education and teachers separately, as I feel both are part and parcel of a system.

Secondly I desperately wanted to speak about future too, as I always wanted to write on how I like our education to be. When I googled for the meaning of ‘Kal’ I got a result that it means yesterday and also tomorrow, allowing me to write about future comfortably. However, there is a possibility that I may not get the votes to win because of slight irrelevancy to the topic but I really don’t want to worry about it, as I feel spreading this view across is more important than the votes.

However I will try my best to keep it as relevant as possible for an obvious reason, to win this contest. In the process, please excuse me if it resembles like the cow and coconut tree story as I explained in my previous post CREAM AND SCUM OF BLOGGING.

I am not going to bore you down with the definition of education as what other renowned personalities said, instead let us take it in a more practical way. Simply speaking, Education is a tool which helps a person to achieve aspects which would keep him happy and fulfilled throughout his life. But now, when MONEY FETISHES started ruling, they imbibed, money is the only thing that can keep a man happy and altered the definition as ‘Education is the best way to earn money’ which I honestly didn’t like.

I believe mind plays a major role in facing this world and advancing to other stages in life. Human beings are complex compared to animals. Dealing with human being is even more complex activity as every person has different experience and belief in attaining a common objective. Unless a person is mentally strong and empathic, he cannot move forward in life without friction. As we don’t have any system in our education to enhance the power of mind now, I would like to add that to the curriculum in future.

If mind can play major role in life, the quality of person who shapes the mind should have more supreme qualities. But when we speak about teachers in high esteem remembering sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and all now, in reality I don’t think this is treated as a noble profession. If we take a practical example of our own selves, I don’t think many would aim for teaching as a profession. Even in this post I wouldn’t say that everyone should aim for a job in teaching. It’s their will and wish to choose their profession but my point is to prove that this profession is charmless now. I think unless they improve the quality of training and comparatively poor salaries in this IT ridden world, I don’t think they can reestablish the lost charm of teaching. And also government should stop believing that age will bring wisdom but concentrate and recognize real talents. After all, people should start improving their quality rather than waiting to get aged.

Most of our education system teaches whatever is there in book and tests only the memory power of a student. I believe this wouldn’t do any good to a student unless they check the application capability of what he thus learned. In future when a person chooses his path in 11th standard, more emphasis should be given to the practical aspect of the field. For example if he chooses commerce group, he should spend at least half of the time in companies. Teachers should be the ones, who have absolute practical knowledge in that field as a person who doesn’t know to run a business can’t teach business.

Generally if we learn a new thing in life it is fun. Being education is all about learning, why we treat it as pain. Unless we were given reasons for the lessons we learn in school it won’t create interest. Before starting a maths lesson, I would like my teacher to explain on how it is going to benefit me in life. This not only creates interest but also eliminate some unwanted topics in syllabus.

If you look at our country, when we step out of our home we start facing rude, unfriendly behaviors right from fellow companion to politicians, police, rikshaw drivers etc. I would suggest teaching ethical, behavioral and psychological lessons in the syllabus right from childhood to make this country a pleasant place to live in future.
A gentleman, who was a great scholar wanted to cross a river. After finalizing the fare with the boat man, they both got in to a boat and started the journey.
To clear the unwanted silence, the gentleman asked the boatman “Do you know Confucius?”
The boatman replied “No sir”
Gentleman said “Then a quarter of your life is waste. Do you at least know Buddha?”
The boatman said “No sir, I haven’t even heard about the name”
Gentleman replied “Then a half of your life is waste”
Since the boatman wasn’t up to his standard, the gentleman kept quiet. After a while, the water level started increasing, the boat was waving heavily showing the signs of flood.
The boatman asked “Sir do you know swimming?”
He said “No”
“Then sir, whole of your life is waste” saying this, the boat man jumped into water and swam away.
The moral of the story is that, education should have everything that a man needs in life rather than the few theories which would never help a person in any way other than increasing the Ego.

Though I have good respect to my ex teachers in school and college, I still feel the best teacher in this world now and then is ‘nature’. And I strongly believe that unless I observe and learn from it, I won’t move an inch forward in life.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are Vipul, Rajalakshmi, Dhiman, Ranee[1], [2], [3] , Avada, Indian Pundit, Sojo, Aneet, Pramathesh, Aativas, Sid, Pra, Ajinkya, Lakshmi, Govind, Shilpa, Shankar, Mytuppence, Azad, Pawan, Pankaja, Saimanohar, Guria, Shruti, Vishnu and Nasrajan. Click on their respective names to read their posts on Teachers : Aaj Kal. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


First thing I would like to say is that this post isn’t all about the review of the recently released Tamil movie ‘Kandasamy’, so non Tamil people all over the world can read this :-)

Day before yesterday I saw this movie ‘Kandasamy’ with my friends after lying to my wife that I am visiting my friend’s on an important issue (she doesn’t read my blogs. I can’t see any movie second time for Gods shake and I am wondering how I can escape if she asks me to take her again. Any suggestions?)

A particular dialogue in the movie made me to write this post for which I need to give a very brief description. This is a Robin Hood kind of movie (I haven’t seen even a single Robin Hood movie yet but I comfortably use this cliché whenever possible).

At one part the hero will say, “lots of business men deposited their illegally earned money in foreign banks. If we can cease that money, every family in India will get a lakh rupee. Only because they have more money, they spend it in wrong ways. If they have limited money, will they give one lakh a day to persuade a collage girl to have sex or will they hire an actress for thirty lakhs for a dance? So let us take it from them and give it to the needy”

This seems to be very emotional and gives justification to hero image that he is helping others. Not only has the superhero in this movie but also many of us believe money is the only solution for misery. But for me it’s not about the money but it’s about the way we earn money. The super hero feels the villain is doing all the wrong things only because he has abundance of money. I agree, but I feel the person who gets the money freely, will also do the same thing in due course. Pls read the short story below to get a better understanding.

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared; he sat and watched the butterfly. For several hours it was struggling to force its body through that little hole.
Seeing the pain of the butterfly, the man decided to help the butterfly, so he took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings.
The butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.
What the man in his kindness and haste did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly. To get through the tiny opening were nature's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

I believe money and respect are the two things that each and every person should earn by themselves. Nature wants us to search for food (money) to give us the lessons of life, hidden underneath every difficulty we face in that process. If anything is given free the beneficiary not only looses the valuable experiences but also fails to understand the worth and misuses it. For this matter I am also against transfer of assets that spoils a generation as like the butterfly. Instead of giving money free, the super hero (in the movie) or the government (in reality) should create a better environment where everyone can earn money. By better environment I mean a place where they eliminate the situation of rich becoming richer, poor becoming poorer and give chance to even new comers, have strict laws to remove dishonest practices in business, have training and education to learn the best method to do business etc. By this way we can naturally accumulate wealth without spoiling the wisdom or else I think we can only produce so many money fetishes as I explained in my other post MONEY FETISH – A CHARACTER TO WATCH.

And here comes my short review for those die hard movie fans :-)
  • The romance between Shreya and Vikram was good. I enjoyed it.
  • The rerecording was awful as like some bee went into my ears. The songs were just OK.
  • The movie looked very rich. The Mexican shots were nice.
  • Vadivelu comedy made me frown and it didn’t really jell well with the story line. And I felt the songs and the comedy were the speed breakers). The movie is very long and little slow.
  • I liked the dirty dance by the villain for the last song. Very funny.
  • After the super hero was arrested, no autorikshaw guys, conductor, slum lady and old person was there to comment about this in TV in local language (Arasialvathingalla vuda antha pulla ennah thappu senjiruchu sir) as like in Shankar’s film. Thank God I was sick of these sort of scenes.
  • At last tamil film industry understood a hero cant fly and gave reasons. I appreciate this. Accept my garlands director sir.
  • In short, you wont look for me if I say, 'you can watch it once'.

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