I met God

Two instances where I wouldn't like to be in are, when my wife calls me for a shopping or when she along with my mom calls me for a temple visit.

Generally, I neither get emotional to see the idol during deepaaradhana nor awestruck with the ornamentation and beautification of the idol with food items and various stuffs.

But this time, all of a sudden a Gandhian inside me woke up when my mom called for a temple visit. She gets extremely happy when ever I agree for the visit. If not for God, why shouldn't I go to temple to make her happy? This time, I also determined not ask any questions or disobey her instructions as I wanted to make her happy to the fullest extent possible.

We three of us (My wife, my kid and my mom) started in a car where three others joined us in the way. That three includes another kid as old as my kid. Initially they both didn't get well with each other, but when the moment we landed in the temple they became thickest friends.

When we entered the temple, my mom asked me to pour milk to a serpent statue. I was waiting in the queue as there was already a couple of guys pouring milk. He didn't come down until he emptied 8 pockets of milk. Hope he was looking for a heavy favor from God. When my turn came, I climbed on the wall to find a very bad smell because of poor cleaning of all the milk. I poured a little milk from the bottle and returned it back to my mom. Surprisingly she didn't say anything for returning the milk. I was expecting her to instruct me to empty the can. (Later I understood that she kept the remaining as 'prasad'). When i was climbing down, she wanted me to empty a pocket of kumkum as well on the serpent. Well I did it too without any hesitation and so she became very happy.

We entered the main temple. We were led by a priest whom my mom hired on our arrival. He got some money from my mom, I don't know how much. I am sure it should be around 300 bucks. He asked for all of our names and effectively suffixed with 'namatheshya'.  After that, we all went inside. He said we were all extremely lucky to be on the exact time for a special abishek. After a while, because of heavy crowd inside, I relinquished my place to another ardent theist (at least he would be happy see his God from a better place) and took up the job of watching the kids.

It was quite fine until all of a sudden, they started running in full speed. I didn't know why, probably a running race. I too ran behind them as there were protruding pillars all around the temple and they were whisking away dangerously close to it. I could catch one, but the other fled away. I was in a pretty bad situation. If I leave this kid and follow her, the first one would start running. If I stop there I might lose the other one. To my relief another companion came to my rescue to follow the fled one.

On the way back to the temple, she started making 'uahhh' noice. Ohh, NO…. NO…. but yes, she vomited. Because of excessive running, her throat went dry and she vomited all over inside the temple. I informed my mother that we need to find a way to clean this. But she was very busy praying and said there were cleaners inside the temple and they will take care of it or she wanted me to wait for some time until that pooja got over as she can come out in the middle. A priest was there as well, but he didn't care a damn as he was busy explaining the innocent pilgrims that the money they paid in advance doesn't include coconut, banana and they have to pay another 30 bucks extra.

I was much worried. People were bare foot inside the temple and the last thing I want was someone stepping over it. To my relief, finally I saw the cleaning lady. She was a lean lady with dark complexion. If I have to go with the standard of beauty set by the current world, (I mean white skin, flashing eyes, flowing hairs and silky skin) I would have to term her unattractive as she didnt have any of these. In that village, I think she would only be getting a very minimal salary which wouldn't be sufficient enough to her for all the three food breaks. She should be around her mid forties. I told her that our kid vomited and could she clean it. She asked where and I showed her the spot.

She cleaned the mess with bucket full of water and broom stick. As a relieved man, I gave her a ten rupee note in a more polite way. She refused to take that. She said, she only did her job and that too, to clean the mess of a kid would only be a help for me.

Corrupted by the opportunistic corporate world, I awkwardly, tried again to offer her the money. She refused it with single word and vanished somewhere in no time.

This incident kept lingering in my mind for a very long time. I was wondering what nature was trying to teach me through this. But this indeed gave me a nice feeling. All of a sudden the lady went very high in my mind and looked beautiful and divine. 
I felt the experience of 'bonding' which I think is essential in life. I believe those are the people who link the world and save it from self destruction.

Cant this be called as love?

I don't say 'love is God as I can't compare a thing with another one which I don't know really. I simply call, 'Love is great'. But if you insist on 'Love is God' then, yeah, I met God. (at least I should do justice to the topic here :).


Lessons from an entrepreneur - part II

What do you think is the most needed to be an entrepreneur?

Why cant you close your eyes and think for a while until you list out at least five items.

I am sure 99% of you wouldn't have mentioned what I have in mind as I am confident that you are not as cranky as me.

I decided to prolong the suspense a little further and so I will start with a small story (very small indeed) to give you a small hint on what I have in mind.

Once a helicopter asked a rocket, "how can you travel that fast as I cant even reach half your speed.

Rocket said "If only you have fire on your back, you would know"

The answer I have in my mind is 'humiliation' or 'insult'.

For a person to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have the fire. The fire can be effectively replaced by drive. since business is a long process, you tend to loose interest in the middle. you will be more prone to laziness. That small pause is enough to get you out of business as business is a down moving ladder. If you stop climbing up, you will go down. 

Only a drive can keep you motivated. In my opinion, nothing better than a humiliation or insult can be an effective drive. The urge to prove someone that they are wrong in their judgment black and white is a most motivating drive I would say. Speaking in business statements rather than words to such persons and watch their reactions would motivate you even to work throughout night.

In the final part of 'Rocky' movie, Stallone will meet a girl in a bar. By that time he would have been a popular boxer. The girl is no stranger to him as he met her years ago when he was just a poor fellow. By that time she would have humiliated him. 

Recognising him, she will ask if he remembers her.

He will say 'yes'

She will ask 'how'

He will say 'great insults lasts longer'

How true?

I wanted to kiss her

After loads of serious stuff, i decided to write a lighter one. (or else I know my blog buddies may eat me alive for all the confusions that I did to them over a period).

Though I suck in this genre (55 fiction), i believe this one would be alright. (at least I believe so). Please leave your feedback.


I saw her in bus stop. She was damn beautiful. In her polished apple cheeks, I saw reflection of early morning sun in-between her shiny hairs. The road was almost empty. I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to kiss her. When I moved forward, bus arrived. She took her schoolbag to join her nursery friends.

I LIKED.....

Recently I read a post by Amit singh - Religion; my thoughts. Its a profound one. I always like his style of touching high topics in a more humble tone. I would recommend this.

The Mask

After a long gap, I am back. Honestly I won’t say, I am extremely busy that I cant even find little time to write a post. Though it became quite busy nowadays, I did have some free time, but the problem is that I wasn’t in a right frame of mind to think.   
Nevertheless, I am back now.    

To give an introduction, this post may contain high philosophical stuff. I think you all know that this is a decent way of saying that I am going to bore you down to the core. 

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Mamaharam’. Probably you wouldn’t as it is not an English word. Even Tamil people wouldn’t have heard it as it is seldom used. ‘Mamaharam’ means our idea of how others think about our self.  

In recent past, I was observing my own self on if I am portraying my true self to the outside world.  The result is a big NO. I wear too many masks to hide my true self. Sometimes the mask is so permanent that makes me to forget my true identity.

If you wonder what these mask means, for example if you have to get a work done in a government office, say a bank. When you were conversing with the manager, most likely he will crack a poor joke with high dose of sarcasm and also you would never fail to notice how well they utilize the long government procedures to the advantage of their laziness. Along with these, the pace at which the work moves at that office will make you feel to kick him right along with the chair that he was sitting. But you cant. Here you will wear a smiley mask.  

Similarly, we use masks to hide our selfishness, arrogance, psychic feeling and lust.

'Mamaharam' plays a good role in introducing new masks to us. If we feel some one is thinking good about our self, we don’t want to spoil that image. Immediately we wear a mask that will best suit that image. We do it quite often. Don’t we? 

I agree, if only there is no such masks, the world will be one hell of a place. But I feel covering a wound is not good enough. We need to find some way to heal it. 

In some way the world compels all of us to wear a mask. Because everyone wears a mask and tease those who haven’t done this tradition. The whole society is like this. 

Unless we stop wearing masks, we are not going any further in self exploration that I think is the key to find out the secret of life. 

If we need to come out of these masks, either we should stop doing actions clandestine or we should develop courage to face this world. Probably if we reduce the dependency level with this society, we can gain that courage.    

I know these are easy said than done. So far I developed courage in informing you that I havnt moved a step forward to shed away the ‘n’ number of masks that I am wearing now. But I believe, writing this article may propel me to take evasive action in uncovering my true identity.   

If you are reading this line, then probably you are courageous person to bear all my boredom. So I decided to award you with “Iron Heart” (ethaiyum thangum idayam).

Among those blogs I read recently, I am most impressed with this post.

This post is very profound, well thought and forward thinking. A must read. I like people with unbiased ideas as such.

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