Ø I don’t know why but one fine day it happened for me to mumble a song from a Rajnikanth movie Raja Chinna Roja. Starting like this, I am not going to write a lavish praise for the beauty of the song or enchanting and soul fulfilling picturisation of it as both are absolutely mediocre. But accidentally a couple of seemingly innocuous lines from this song provoked me to think half a day on the subject of life.

Ø Let me explain, Rajnikanth would take a gang of kids to a forest where a notorious kid would set a monkey’s tail on fire. The monkey would jump from tree to tree to spread the fire across the entire jungle. An elephant for whom, the same kids helped early, would clear the fire carrying water in his tusk to retrieve them safely. Now the song goes like this, ‘Nanmai ondru seitherkal, nanmail vilaindhathu. Theemai ondru seitheerkal, theemai vilainthathu. Theemai seivathai vittu vittu nanmai sevathai thodarungal. (Translation for those who don’t know Tamil: You did some thing good, and you got good result. You did something bad and you got bad result. So stop doing bad and continue doing good).

Ø Does virtues play a hand in success. Almost every being in this universe looks for money and power and attaining that is celebrated as success. Is this money and power goes only to those people who practice virtues or does it help them any way in achieving this? It is a very easy question for which the answer would be a big NO. we can see ‘n’ number of criminal politicians and corrupt officials not only lead normal life but also extremely successful. I asked my self several times if these virtues and good manners exist only for the use of fairy tales.

Ø If we clearly observe, we can see that life tries to give us a message at every stage that it takes us through. Its up to us to grab it to move to next level. Only those messages will take us near the happy state of mind that we are striving subconsciously. I don’t think we are searching for money or power. We are behind the happiness that comes out of money and power. Its only the virtues that helps us to see beyond our temporary objectives to uncover the messages. Lack of it would get us struck in the same level. Normally people tend to get stuck in money level.

Ø I believe life is a journey with an objective of finding the destination. We are supposed to collect clues in the way to find and reach the destination. In the way, we got to play lot of games to acquire the clues. If we forget that we are here to acquire the clues and play the game for other rewards, we would loose our journey.

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Who am I ?

These are the few observations I made on the man in the mirror. I don’t know if I am a normal man to carry on with so much of hatred. What do you think is the solution? Please go through the rest of the post and let me know what kind of a man I am.

  1. I get very angry when people block and damage the road for their family function by erecting shamiyana. They don’t even feel little guilty to let the passers come all the way till their home and take a U turn as the road is blocked.
  2. I hate driving. It tests me a lot. I get extremely restless if a vehicle parked occupying 3/4th of the road not letting other vehicle to pass or when they life threateningly overtake another vehicle or when they wait in the signal at the right corner of the road to take left turn or when two bus drivers in the opposite direction halt in the mid way to speak few words with out caring other vehicles behind or in night when they don’t use dim light inspite of so many repeated signals or when they start buzzing horns when there is already 4 seconds left for green signal.
  3. I feel very bad when I see trash sprayed everywhere on the road and when they use every bit of dark and isolated place for pissing shitting and spitting.
  4. I immediately develop loathe when someone unnecessarily poke their nose and give sarcastic comments on other person’s family or intimate issues. Isn’t this very common here. They also ask few questions knowing that it would embarrass others. (for example enquiring about babies for those who don’t have a baby)
  5. I hate people when they treat partially based on money and power. (Everyone is like that. I don’t know how many people I should hate).
  6. I feel totally disgusted to see corruption everywhere. Either if you go to police station to complain on a lost property or even if you drive simply on road, or if you have to get some work done in a government office everyone needs money. And the authority in which they demand money is absolutely stunning.
  7. Apart from the corruption the laziness and rude behaviour of government staff in bank, telephone exchange, RTO office, passport office and other government offices makes me go wild at times. They don’t have a set procedure for documentation. First time when you submit documents they say you should have a proof of identity. Second time when you go with passport they say oh we don’t accept passport, we need ration card. Third time when you go with ration card they say you should bring your partner also here to sign. I think they are looking for important paper as in film ‘Indian’ (Mukkiyamana paper illa sir). See how innocent I am.
  8. The first thing I do before I land in Chennai is to prepare myself for a fight with over greedy and cheat autorikshaw drivers. I have to keep my face as if I am suffering from constipation and use rude high sounding words to keep them under control. I hate this.
  9. I get a mixed feeling when our politicians make stunts like Kalaignar’s fasting for srlankan tamils and Jayalalitha’s promise of separate eelam.
  10. I cant stand separatists whether it is for religion or caste or state or language. I don’t know why people tend to associate everything under the sun with abundance emotion. Language is an instrument to speak. Religion is just to help human being for better understanding of life. No more than that. Understand people.
  11. Above all, the fact that worries me a lot is that no people in this country can lead a peaceful and respectful life if they don’t have any sort of influence. They should either have more money or should know some politically powerful person to save themselves from all sorts of humiliation. I don’t think this is normal.

I get headache when I come across many of the above in a single day. Now tell me, am I a psycho or Che Guevara style angry young man (If you are outraged, you are one among us), or a cynic or a critic or a normal person , or a curmudgeon, or an unpleasant person or a paranoid or disabled or anything else. Who am I?

Note: I believe the picture suited this article very well. isnt it? :-))

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Am I a racist?

  • Recently I read a long story written by a fellow blogger about how she is racially abused by foreigners only because she is an Indian. She said she lived in various countries and went on to accuse Australia, Canada, US, UK and Israel as racist countries. I would like to disagree here because I feel racism is not present in certain countries or races, instead it is omnipresent. Yes. I feel almost each and every person in this world has a bit of racial intentions. Let me explain.
  • What is racism? Leaving away the formal definition of racial biases etc, let us asses it from a psychological background.
  • Every human being in this world wants to be better than others. For example, we are participating in Indiblogger of the month because we want to be better than other bloggers. We are participating in a running race, because we want to be better than other participants. In this world all the successes and resultant happiness is determined comparatively. Based on various reasons, we develop a perception that certain people are not competent enough to overtake us. If those people tend to outsmart us, we want to invent certain activities to irritate and spoil their happiness to keep them below us. This activity is what I am going to term as racism. If we see in this angle, we are all racists. What do you call the behaviour of cricket fans in India to Andrew Symonds? What do you call the violence unearthed in Chennai Law College? What do you call the behaviour based on casteist disparities in India? What do you call the behaviour of people in superior posts towards their subordinates? What do you call the tratment of maratis towards Biharis in Mumbai?
  • My point is that we don’t have to develop hatred towards certain countries or race as it is not an activity present within them alone, instead it is the outcome of a basic attitude called dominance which is present in almost every human being. We need to understand that good people and bad people coexist in every part of this universe. Racism can be eliminated only when people tend to believe success is not a comparative term.

Pink Chaddi doesnt suit me

  • I never support separatists for their narrow minded ideologies and the barbarian methods they use to implement it. Particularly when they beat women, going to pub, I felt it is totally inhuman.
  • I remember reading 'pub going broad/ forward women'. I cant call a woman broad minded or forward just because she goes to pub. Being forward is different and it takes a lot. Though I severely condemn the act of beating women who goes to pub, I cant support them to get the freedom to go to pub as the cause is not noble.(But the episode of sending pink chaddi is very funny).
  • I am not particularly against pub going ladies but I wouldn’t approve of few people who pretend to follow western culture because they think westerners are well mannered and their culture is superior to Indian culture. I have been with lots of western friends and I love and cherish their culture but we need to understand every culture by its pros and cons.
  • What is a culture? When human race begun to live in groups, the leader or philosopher or ruler should have laid a set of rules to bring order in the group or to take the group one step forward in life or for his own selfishness. The rules that were made by wise people and which were more appealing stayed long enough to survive the current AD.
  • Long long ago (so long ago :)) western people explored the external life for their happiness, while people in India explored the world which was inside a human being, to achieve the same. The people who did that were called as saints. Since the rulers of India had trusted their wisdom, they created a new post called Rajaguru and every decision was made in approval of them. I believe most of the Indian culture shaped through this.
  • Because it is handled by variety of people these many years, the philosophies of the culture were distorted naturally. Few well thought interactive lessons became mere rituals. Few sects of people, to ensure their suvival, added some unnecessary procedures using people's fear. Few of the esteemed procedures were treated as barbaric as there is no one to explain the reason behind that.
  • If you prefer better management of external life you need to choose western way of life. If you are interested in finding the real meaning of life and exploring the inner self, Indian culture would be the best. But if we follow Indian culture, we should be brave enough to question all the nonsense that it has accumulated over the years or else we would fail in understanding the core.
  • Two points we need to remember though. There is no culture inferior or superior to one another. But If we follow something, we need to follow it fully and only after understanding it clearly. We should not follow it just because ‘Johnny follows and me too’. And also we can’t keep one leg on Indian culture and another on western as few people here do now. That is really disgusting.

Proud to be an Indian?.....I doubt

When I was a kid studying in school, I remember every morning in the assembly, we used to take pledge. Few words I still remember but the most important statement for this blog is ‘I am feeling proud to be an Indian’. Pride is a negative word loaded with plenty of emotions. Emotions will only hide the truth from our sight.

Not only with nation, we associate emotions with all the possible aspects under the sky say, religion, language, caste or state virtually everything. If we carry emotions with issues, it would prevent us from seeing the negative side of it. Ignoring a negative side of an issue will completely shut all the possibilities of improvement. The only first step to come out of a mess is to recognise that we are in big pile of mess.

Now let us see what are the few things dragging our country back from development in a most unbiased way wearing no masks of emotion. Lets be brave enough to point out our own mistakes.

Quality of work:

Nation is nothing but a bunch of people living in a stipulated area. National income is the totality of income earned by those people. Increase in national income indicates growth and this is directly proportional to how well we gauge the demands of current world and how efficiently we cater to it. I explained all this tenth grade Economics lesson to stress that unless people of India work efficiently, India can not grow. Our ineptness in work can be proved from the below listed smallest activities. I only mention small activities here because as per swami Vivekananda ‘We can judge a man’s efficiency only by watching how well he does the small things’ and I fully agree to it.

  • While working on road dividers, we don’t place sign board, only to find a vehicle got accident over the half finished divider next day morning and we call it as a trivial aspect and say 'he should have been more attentive'.
  • When we do export business, we never give importance to our commitments allowing foreigners to expand IST as Indian Stretched Time and we say minor delays are unavoidable.
  • We never understand the importance of minimum quality requirements of products, stating 'low priced goods tend to have substandard quality'.
  • If you loose a phone during night hours, you don’t have the facility to block the simcard. Similarly with credit cards.
  • And I don’t have to explain the quality of work and services in the government enterprises like bank, telephone exchange, electricity board etc. They are all computerised now. WOW. (please excuse the counter clerk operating computer with his index finger taking 4 minutes per person while 137 customers were waiting.)

Religious and caste fanaticism:

Before elections, in my place I was taken for granted to vote for a caste party. They were so vehement to the extent that I have to relinquish speaking against them or carefully avoid that topic in a discussion. Nobody in the world talk about Hitler’s first few years which was the best growth period ever in history. The cruelties he unearthed afterwards made us to think that we would rather stay 10 years behind in growth than facing those inhuman genocides. But in India we hail religious parties for its efficient rule in certain states in spite of all the violence and subsequent deaths. Even if it is gold everywhere, what are we going to enjoy when there is a threat attached to our life. After all you need to be alive to enjoy the so called efficient rule. Believe me, loving fellow people is a virtue. When will we understand religion is there to unite and not to divide. In their own line of thought, religion is there to save them and this can not be otherwise. So now I want to say that we are still caste and religious fanatics which is a sorry character of a barbarian.

Quality of People:

  • While parking a car, we never think if we have done it such a way that we don’t disturb others.
  • While erecting shamiyana on the road for a function in our house, we never think that we would disrupt the fellow people and damage the road.
  • We would easily become angry when some one burns Indian flag in the Pakistan border or some actor/ actress fails to stand while playing national anthem. But we don’t bother to spray trash everywhere on the road. We hate our fellow people based on caste or religion. We can never see a nation as, people living there, instead we see nation as border, flag, national anthem, cricket team etc.
  • We never penalize a corrupt or religious fanatic politician. We accept corruption as a part of the system and blame some rare good politicians as a looser.

This is exactly where we stand now. I would only a blind person, if I say I am proud to be an Indian. If any of the people confront me saying I am an anti Indian, I remember beautiful lines form the famous song ‘Alice’ from smokie ‘I gotta get used to not living next door to Alice’. Similarly I gotta get used to living with people like this for ever.

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