The mask and the prejudice

Though I am online for most of my presence in office, nowadays I found it hard to spare some time to blog. But this didn’t restrict me from finding few topics to share. Here I present you with two such topics which is completely unrelated. After finishing this, I plan to watch the movie ‘2012’ in Tamil as we don’t have it screened in English in our town. Yeah I am going to enjoy all the funny dialogues like ‘Athukku kovam vandhuruchu pola irukku, oodunga oodunga – Courtesy Jurassic park’

The prejudice:

When I went home for lunch in a day of the last week, my mother said we need to visit one of our family friends as their son got narrowly escaped from an accident. I know the guy’s father very well. He is lively and a very friendly person to speak with. I like him a lot as he is a result oriented person but the only difference we have is in ‘faith’. Yes, he is a hard core theist who practices all poojas, vasthu, numerology, namalogy and etc where as I take a total opposite stance to that.

When I entered his home, I found the son sitting with a sad face. I could see the seat belt mark on his chest and surprised that he used seat belt. I asked him what happened. Before he say anything his mother intervened and said all the story involved with the accident.

One fine early morning of a holiday, her son along with three other friends started in a small car from Chennai towards a destination which is still unknown. Her son was sitting in the front seat adjacent to the friend who was driving the car. One of the guys sitting back was sleeping. All these three friends took a picture of him and making fun.

The car was in full speed in the four track road. When they tried overtaking a lorry, they found a wet spot in the middle of the road. To avoid it, driver applied break, the car slipped and dashed with the lorry in high acceleration. For a moment they didn’t realize what happened. The first to recover was the driver friend and her son as they had only minimal injuries. The front part of the car was totally damaged. Immediately they looked back to check their friends and found them unconscious with blood bleeding from their head.

With the help of local people they called an ambulance and went to the hospital.

The doctor checked and said one of the person is already dead and the other is very serious.

They realized fatality of the accident and informed their parents immediately.

After all the scanning and x rays, her son is quite safe now. But he is not yet recovered from the shock of losing his friend. I can clearly see this from his face. I didn’t speak much to him as I don’t want to irritate him with all those advices and questions which everyone do by default.

His father joined us and said he visited the expired friend’s home to mourn. Hearing this news, it seems his mother went inside the temple and prayed that nothing should have happened to her son. She pleaded God that she would even accept her son sans a hand or leg but all that she want was to have him back alive. But eventually that prayer went in vein. I felt very sad for all the pain they are going through now.

After half an hour of discussion on their feelings and son’s behaviors, the father finished saying that in the end all the poojas that he did so far had given its benefit. It saved their son.

I was wondering, if the prayers he did, gave its benefit by saving their son, then what happened to the prayers that the expired friend’s mother did?

If he say, the reason for his prayer got answered was because that he did all the pooja’s as per the rule listed in Vedas, then is God so narcissistic and cruel, giving importance to modes of prayer rather than the feeling of a heart?

I think, in life, we can change a few things with our efforts, where as we need to accept the rest which are out of our hands. Those things that we need to accept includes death. Some people believe, we can get the help of God to overcome those things that have to be accepted. With the fear of losing the support of god in future endeavors like this, they try to justify God for what ever happened without questioning anything to know the real truth.

The Mask:

Sicne I am totally exhausted now, I plan to write the topic ‘Mask’ in my next post. Please bear with my laziness.

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If I were a baby again

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If I were a baby again, I would go to Vipul mamu and ask him to change the topic with flashing innocence in my eyes which every baby has by default. (I very well know that, he will give me a candy and say he can’t, quoting all democracy and stuff). What else I could do as I am totally blank in this topic.

When I try to remember my childhood days, I could remember very few incidents starting from my fourth year. I think you would call a 4 year, a boy and not a baby. I really don’t remember what I did when I was a baby. And whatever I wish now, even if it comes true, I will not remember. I am wondering, then what is the use of being a baby again?

Alright enough of my logical stuffs, let me try something now.

I believe my mind and desires are like bottomless vessel. How much ever you put in, it wouldn’t be enough. When I was a kid, I remember fighting my mum for taking half trousers as I want to wear full pants and pose like a man. When I was in school, I want to go to college soon and enjoy all the freedom (hey we can bunk classes). When I was in college, I want to finish and earn soon (we need to share the burden of the family and become financially independent).

Now I want to go back to my college and school. I want to be a kid and baby also. What a nasty and inconsistent mind I have. It is so notorious, senseless and adamant that it cannot enjoy whatever is in my hand, instead it wants whatever is in other’s hands knowing the fact that I cannot take it.

Once my mind asked for Biriyani as it likes it a lot. When I fed it, it was very happy and said “I am a connoisseur of biriyani. This particular hotel biriyani is the only professional biriyani and it makes me happy”. When my family was out for a week, I fed it with Biriyani all the week. On the fifth day, it said with a grim face, “can’t you think of anything more than biriyani?”. Oh God, When my mind will realize that happiness isn’t in the materials of this world and it is within itself.

After a brief thought, I think I don’t want to be a baby again. Right from childhood, nature presented me with innumerable choices. When I made the right choice, I went ahead few steps. When I made the wrong one, I learned life. I don’t have any regrets so far. I have learnt my lessons very well. I have done all I intended to do. (though a little slow). I think, I will do all I dreamt of now, in Future.

I believe, being a baby again is a trick played by my mind to loop me to my past. I don’t want to fall for it.

Note: After deviating so much from the topic, I think I may have to buy 'Chetan Bhagat' from the stands.

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After completing MBA from top 20 business school, I was happily placed in a then top 5 media company ‘P’. The initial enthusiasm and bubbly attitude was well received by our GM and was getting the extra attention that would make anyone happy.

That was exactly the reason for bootlickers and chumchas to target me. When days gone by, somehow I coudnt digest the fact that mere talent wasn’t enough to grow up in the corporate ladder.

Concentrated politics made me to resign the job backed up by the belief that top 20 business school image would fetch me a decent job in better environment.

But alas, the reality was quite contrary as I resigned my job exactly at the time of Sep 11 attack and job market was very poor and kept me jobless for a period of four months.

I decided to go to Mumbai in hunt for a job. (That was the time I experienced transgender behaviors and it was one of the popular posts here). I could hardly manage any jobs other than door to door selling which I didn’t like because I hate irritating people at wrong time.

So I decided to go back to higher studies in UK which gave me ample opportunities to mingle with multicultural people and learn the modern steps of business.

When I finished my studies there, I was 26 and I don’t want to go back to job world as I would be far behind my peers.

With the help of our university’s entrepreneurship center, I started my company ‘F’ with high hopes.

And that’s how I became an entrepreneur.

Though I was aspiring to be an entrepreneur right from my schoolhood, had I been consitantly in the job market, I doubt to have achieved that dream if not situation compelled me like this.

The initial days were very disappointing as I started this business without any basics. I did all the possible errors and I was in such a pity state that I wasn’t even able to judge why my potential customers turned their face against me.

After four years of struggling, now the business seems to be back in track. I could smell some profits. Yeeahhh.

More than profit, it’s the recognition of talent is more intoxicating. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Coming to the main part of the post, I would like to present here, couple of valuable lessons I learnt as I can see lots of MBA’s and aspiring entrepreneurs in this blogosphere.

I would definitely don’t want to term it as an advice as I hate advices. I believe advice never give freedom and make people dumb. I would like to use an alternate word ‘suggestion’. I like this word as it gives freedom to think. And also I can never assert whatever I said here is correct as I keep changing my stances often.

OK lets start the lessons.

Lesson number 1:

A mother of a successful business man went to her husband and said “Our son is now 10 years and growing older day by day. I want you to start teaching business lessons right from now so that he would be a seasoned business man in future”

Dad said “alright. Call him”

Son came with a little hesitation because of his dad’s unusual assertiveness.

Dad carried him and placed him on the top of a cupboard.

“Common son, jump from there”

“Dad, its too high and I may get myself injured if I jump from here”

“Don’t worry son, I am here to catch you. Common, jump”

Son jumped. Dad didn’t catch him. He fell flat in the floor. It was painful.

Dad said “ first lesson in business. Do not trust anyone, even if it’s your dad”

I learned this lesson in a way giving lump sum as price. Everyone in business world is after money. No one will help you if they have to make a loss. Unless the terms of business is mutually beneficial, we are certain to make loss at one point of time. Secondly, unless we have a clear system to track down the results of an individual, he will cheat us even if he is a Buddha.

Lesson number two starts here.

Unless we learn to say 'NO' to our clients, we would end up making wrong terms which would eventually push you in deep shit.

All right, anyone of you please send this piece of experience to Harvard business school. If they invite me for a guest lecture, I will throw you all a lavish party.

I think this is my first post other than social causes. I don’t know how readers would like it. So please spare some time to leave your feedback here. Your time will be respected.

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