sex - the taboo

Hello pals. Nice to meet you here after a long gap.

All these time I was very busy making this world a better place. So I couldn’t blog. (Keeping away from blog may make this world a better place for atleast a few people who follow this blog I guess.)

Well jokes apart (seriously), this time I am back with a most sweet topic ‘sex’.

This is the one everyone likes but pretends otherwise or atleast hide that fact. But that’s not my point here.

Right from my childhood I have seen ‘sex’ as an untouchable taboo. By nature, a girl is attracted to a boy and viz. Then why has it been kept as a taboo by this society?

Atleast now I got the guts to question it. I just made a small analysis on why that has been kept as a taboo by this society.

When we read the history of evolution of mankind, it has evolved in most uncultured way as per our current standard. If we like it or not, the fact is that, sex was present in between male and female irrespective of any blood relationship. If I have to give an example of a familiar face, I can point out Cleopatra. Yes, she married her own brother.

In those days, where sex was free between anyone, they would have faced two problems.

  1. The strongest men dominated in selection of a company leaving weakest with fever choice or no choice.
  2. Every one feared death and so they want to leave behind something in their representation. What could have fulfilled that other than a son or a daughter. But in the free sex scenario, they can not be rest assured about that.

Because of the above issues, to make it fair for everyone, the then think tank would have sorted out a plan called ‘marriage’, where a person is allowed only one spouse. This way, they can sort out both the above mentioned issues.

Now, if someone doesn’t come under this system and prefer to stay unmarried throughout his life, then he/she has the potential to spoil the society. He can come in and create chaos among the already settled system. That is why even now people don’t encourage those who stay unmarried. They force them to get married.

I think this is how this taboo thing should have started.

Well, this is only my assumption and not necessarily true. This is just my attempt to find out what could have been the reason for keeping the most natural act ‘sex’ as a taboo. there could be more valid reasons for this setup which I might not have touched. and also, most importantly, you need to note that I am not judgmental on what is right and what is wrong. this is just an attempt to find out a reason for this setup. If you have better reasons, I would like to see it in comments page.
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