Youths don’t have to enter politics!!!!

Seeing the topic please don’t think I am a guy who belongs to that group who say politics is drainage and we need to keep away from it. I don’t say politics is drainage, its indeed the most vital system for any country to flourish. Then what is my point? Please read further.

Now days we see corruption reaching new peaks every day. Corruption in lakhs is gone and now it is in lakhs of crores. One side we see one lakh and seventy thousand crores scandal, other side we see our dignity spoiled in international arena. We also see a government servant mounting gold piles.

Seeing these we comfortably point out politicians as the root cause. But I don’t see it that way. Our leaders are as good as our own self. They don’t jump straight from skies. They are just one of us. 90% of us are corrupt, lethargic, undisciplined and irresponsible. How can you expect one of us (elected) to be 100% perfect guy?

I see an auto driver is corrupt to get more money than he is destined. I see my neighbours not bothering to litter the streets to keep his home clean. I see my fellow motorists on road without bothering the rules just to make himself ahead of others. Then how can you expect one of the above to be a great politician. 

We can say these are small mistakes that can be easily forgiven. But I don’t see it that way. I think everyone is doing corruption to the extent they can. A politician has the chance to excel. That’s all. I believe the basic problem is the attitude of our people.

With a mind full of corruption and irregularity, how can you expect them to choose a wise person? You can see back the history. Kamaraj and Gandhi have suffered defeat in the hands of our people. With this condition how can you expect me to encourage good youth to enter politics?

If I am allowed, I will suggest youth to do something to first bring discipline to our people, rather than entering politics. If this is done, then our people would be fit enough to choose better persons. I believe this may automatically take us to a time where we dont have to starve for good leaders.

If there are 100 rotten apples in a bag and if one have to pick one, isn’t it irrational to blame the person for picking a rotten one? First we need to take steps to change the rotten apples. Then we will have better chance of getting the right ones.


Once upon a time, (oh no, I am not that old), a little while ago, when I was a kid, I think at the age of around 10, one fine day, I was very bubbly wearing red shirt and blue pant marched head held high towards my school bus stop. 

I was waiting for that day for quite some time. The count down started about two months back. I made all arrangements right before 15 days (wow I was professional even then). A day before I finished all my home works, arranged my books properly in my school bag and kept it well prepared. On that morning, I sensed a little discomfort in my stomach like a pain. It bothered me too much as I want it to be a perfect day. As per my dad’s advice I drank little bit of water and did some strange exercises. And actually it did worked fine and I felt alright.

Enough of all the build-ups, it was my birthday. When I was reaching bus stop 10 minutes before the first trip, I just remembered that I forgot my brand new pencil box. I rushed back home and took it, but alas, when I came back, the bus was just leaving. I waved the conductor to stop the bus but he just ignored my request and asked me to catch the second trip which will take me to school minutes before the prayer bell.

Tears came out of my eyes. I cried hard I guess. I never thought why I cried then. But now I know the reason. I want to be in school early to meet my friends who already present there.

I know I would be the cynosure as it was my D day. The teachers, friends, staffs, parents and neighbours would wish me and treat me special. Everyone would identify that I am a birthday boy and will try to be nice with me. I would feel like a celebrity. I didn’t want to miss even a bit of that undue attention. This gives pride to me. It feeds my EGO and so I become Very happy.

But now I am all grownup. I don’t celebrate birthdays at all. My then behaviour looks childish now. But do you think we are out of feeding our EGOS? I don’t think so. Why do you think Tatas and Ambanis are behind money even now after accumulating tons more than their basic luxurious survival. Why do you think they are carving for more power when they can manage their life better even without that?

I believe we haven’t yet come out of feeding our egos. It only took a different shape with age.
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