Sex and the Cynics

Some time back, the hot news was that ND Tiwary, playing with three different beauties each day. I heard a lot about it from all quarters. All quarters includes both the sexes and all ages right from 16 to 70.

Everyone teased him lavishly for his lovely taste at his early eighties. Few giggled about having three different girls at various times of a day. The medias, kept on telecasting the poor quality sex tape 24x7. Finally the government ousted him by forcing him for resignation.

I feel, all the giggling and teasings are only the out ward expressions of emotions resulted from their age old hidden desires which they were unable to perform because of social taboos. I could spot the loathe in their eyes on how could a eighty three year old man could do that they cant.

I woudnt even call them as critics, rather I would call them cynics.

In my opinion, we didn’t give enough importance to those important points that should have been focused. Instead we discussed criticized and punished a personal choice without knowing that it is ill mannered to comment on a person’s intimacy.

While marrying, we promise the spouse that we would live only with him or her. Our children treats us a hero when they growup and it is our moral responsibility to lead by example. Here ND Tiwary broke these promises. 

But that is their family issue which should be sorted out personally within themselves. We don’t have any business to ruin their privacy. And it is disgustingly ill mannered, in my opinion.

Instead, I believe the following should have been our focus points.

1.    He used public money for his pleasures and he bent the government rules to issue contracts. That’s a mistake. We should question that.
2.    He feigned clear image to get the support from people. We can call him hypocrite for this.

Instead of penalizing and accusing him for the act of sex, we should question and take action for the above points. We should also make sure these are not repeated by any in future. If we do this, I believe we would have a better and cultured environment around us.

My pursuit of happiness

It is long time since I updated my blog. I decided to spare sometime today after Shilpa Sharma has reminded me in FB.

This post is going to be highly philosophical and I believe it would be boring to those who hasn’t been struck in the loop of life. (Eventually you can’t avoid it any way). But those who have already struck in the grim and cruel tooth of life,…. well I don’t know what you all will feel about this post. But am sure you would find something here.

Am eagerly waiting for your comments. I don’t know why my comments count has gone down. May be because that I became more irregular now a days and don’t comment in anyoneelse’s blog. However I would like you all to leave your opinion here despite my irregularity as I would like to know your point of view.

The old truth in life is that, ‘All that we chase in life is just happiness’. Not money, not fame, not power. We just believe that we get eternal happiness out of all the modes that we chase throughout life. But the irony is that the fact is otherwise.

When I was a kid, I thought I would achieve this eternal happiness once I enter the college, later it got extended to a glance by a beautiful girl, then a perfect job, then a business and now money. And I am most certain that it will go to ‘more money’, power etc in future. For me it seems like I am chasing my own shadow.

During my school days, the game I play when I am alone was to chase my own shadow. When I stand facing my back to the sun, I think I can catch my shadow by just moving two steps up. But whenever I move two steps, it goes further above. I could never catch my shadow throughout my schools days.

I think I am playing the same game now but with a different format. Instead of shadow, am searching happiness. Whenever I feel I would be happy after achieving this, all of a sudden, it shows another thing to chase. How sad.

I believe, in our life, we always long for something for most part of the life and then look for another if in case we achieve that very thing that we were waiting for a long time. I am not at all satisfied with this. I want to be in a state of eternal bliss? I am not ashamed of saying so, as it is my right to be happy.

Some say, I need to pray to God to be in the state of bliss. But my limited experiences so far guarantee that God is too disabled to help me with any materialistic aspects in life. I also somehow understood that materials that come from outside cannot give me the eternal bliss that I am longing for as most of external happenings are out of our control.

I believe freedom is one of the aspects that will help you achieve the wisdom that can guide you in pursuit of happiness. The little freedom that I could squeeze in spite of the societal and familial knots, helped me to place myself in this current mindset. I don’t know if I have to go further? Am I too afraid of losing all the benefits that I derive from this societal setup? May be yes. But will this help me finding my eternal happiness? Does it worth taking that daring step? 

I need to tune my mind accordingly that I am in that perfect state of mind even under the most unfortunate situations. How is this possible? I don’t know. This is the only question I have now in my mind. Can anyone help?

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