A letter to atheist

Dear Atheist,

I am writing this letter not to prove that you are in the wrong side. I was a theist for many years, and then I became an atheist for a while. I was converted as an agnostic until a short while ago and now I am slowly transcending towards pantheism I guess. As I keep changeing my self, I don’t think I have any moral rights to claim my views are always right.

Then why am I writing this letter?

I want you to think and analyze if you have comfortably struck in one place forgetting the growth. That’s all.

I respect atheists more than theists for the very reason that they have courage to question the supposed to be most powerful being in this universe. After taking that great first step, I see many atheists get struck there. I don’t know if that is because they like the rebellion image that they created being an atheist or they really don’t have place to move from there or they strongly believe there is nothing more than that of what they see now?
In my childhood, I blindly followed elders when they go to temples. When I attain an age to question a little bit, they said, “If you defame God, he will blind your eyes”.  At that age, I can’t imagine living without sight, so I patiently stopped questioning.
After a while, when they saw lack of interest in me for prayer, they said, “If you pray God, you will get good marks. He is more powerful and he can give whatever you want”. That kind of inspired me. I started making too many requests. When I questioned why some of my requests went unanswered, they said “you wouldn’t have prayed whole heartedly”. They also said, “This is only for  your good”.
If god knows what is good and he gives that to me, then why should I pray? They intervened immediately, “Don’t speak rubbish”. When I grew up, I developed courage to check why some/most of my requests are unanswered by God. I understood that, this universe had its own set of rules in making and running this life and that will not change for whatever reason. Even if I shed tears in blood, that will not change. From that moment I stopped going to temple and became an atheist. Poverty and natural calamities and all added value fr my stance then.

But that ‘own set of rules’ kept pondering in my head. For whatever reason, I couldn’t understand the source for this universe, motive for life and innumerable complexities in human mind. Earth, stars, space, people, planets, sun, moon,..... where has it come from? Most importantly why has it come for? What are we trying to prove with this life? These questions kept baffling me. For me, Life seems like a book without few of the front and last pages. These questions made me an agnostic.

Though my questions were answered by none so far, can I broadly conclude that these are the acts of nature? I guess my atheist friends will agree with this. If nature does this, then can we collectively call the nature as God? See, now I am transcending towards pantheism. But any ways, whoever the God is, I am not going to knock his door with petitions or recommendations to help my existence. If anything has to happen in this world, it has to happen through me and only me. What ever happened and happens to me, that is because of me and only me. For that extent I am clear.


PULKIT said...
January 14, 2011 at 2:00 PM

you exist by his wish...
you think as he blesses you with a wisdom....
there are times...when U run fast so that u don't miss the train, U reach the station and you find that train in 15 minutes running late and you are well in time.
you go for an exam preparing only very selected questions, tensed and everything u have gone through features in the paper in the end...
you get sacked from some job, and on your teary way back to home, you see a little boy and girl playing in mud and you smile for a moment...

there are things that happen to u
there are things that happen around u
there are things that happen beyond your sight, your vision and your might....

Those are....
when there is something, that exists beyond why who and when....

That is almighty
not allah, not raam, not wahe guru... un named, un seen.... omnipresent
and divine

S.R.Ayyangar said...
January 14, 2011 at 7:24 PM

Believe in YOU, your caliber and abilities.God may help those who help themselves but this is altogether different thing.

cyclopseven said...
January 15, 2011 at 2:22 PM

First of all, I salute you for this article. It takes more than just words to express this feeling or principle of atheism. I was there once. I denied many things claimed to belong to an altogether different level of existence. I went through years of pain, frustration and self-imposed isolation. All that concluded in me accepting the fact that there is one all powerful energy which permeates the universe and conscious enough to operate at the most subtlest level that not even a nuclear physicist able to identify this energy by means of laboratory experiments. The very fact that atoms are being sustained by one super energy is enough to convince us the infallibility of this energy. God is just a term or definition in attempting to define this indefinable energy. Since this energy permeates entire universe, it is within and without us as well. We will never be able to conclude with a definite answer what this energy is all about by externalizing our gaze. The only tool that can help us to experience and becoming more aware of this primordial energy is Mind. It doesn't matter whether one deny it or not, one call it God or by other names...it is still the same energy which can only be experienced by a refined mind and senses. We can deny that God or certain superior power doesn't exist at all, but before that we should not forget that we have not even the slightest ability to consciously regulate or heart beats, so what is there to deny the existence of the power called God. We have every right to deny God based on our deductions, and we too have every reason to believe in a God, and that too based on our deductions. That energy will never cease to be. Within us is the power of acceptance and denial, accordingly conviction shall dawn. God or whatever name one chooses to call, is not confined to certain forms or qualities, for all these too needs the same energy to come into being.

Religion, being the first attempt by humankind to control the human society has its flaw because over the time things have been added without a clear understanding or explanation, and whoever did these end up polluting the religion itself. Have faith in yourself. Do not worry about God, until your faith in you take a strong root. At that point, you will come to a little understand of the concept of God.

Just because things go wrong from our normal expectations, that should not make one come to conclusion that there is no such thing called God or whatever. Certain events in life is inexplicable. Most important thing is that we are already here, what can we do now for ourselves and for the benefits of the society altogether?

I would like to share a poem written by someone with pseudonym P.T written in 1950.

All space is thronged with witnesses
That speak His holy name
All beauty in myriads forms
The stars and the worlds of flame
That stream in ordered courses
Though illimitable space;
The ant, the bee and the butterfly
The fine spun spangled lace
Of spiders' web in dewy dawns;
The stir of seeds in earth
The punctual spring, the harvest time;
The miracle of birth
The instinct of the birds
Assembling ready to migrate to Africa
How should they know the time,
the place, the date?;
Blind worms that work their purposes
With tireless energy;
The strength of roots
The surge of sap
And, life beneath sea.

And, in the midst of all these things
A little foolish man
Stands up and cries
"There is no God"
What matter?
For the plans of life goes on
in spite of fools
the seasons comes and go.
The trees put forth their leaves;
in spring birds sing and flowers grow

by P.T 1950.

(No offense intended)

Priya said...
January 16, 2011 at 11:50 AM

God is just man's explanation for all the things that don't have any (explanation); and His role will go on reducing as science finds more, and soon all explanations.
I'd rather have faith in humans(science) than some unproven entity that exists somewhere in/beyond space!
Good post, the questions you mentioned keep baffling me too! But I am pretty certain they can all be answered by science, some day! That is not reason enough to turn me into an agnostic!
Since Pantheism is pretty much the same as atheism, I am still an atheist. Sure, it's nature doing that everything, but then..is nature going to answer your prayers? Or you know, favour you for your reverence to it!? Then why worship it!? Because Pantheism is just a positive way of saying you are an atheist; belief in some big thing instead of mere humans!
Maybe you'll go all the way and back to atheism!
Nice post, though!

Bharathi said...
January 17, 2011 at 11:47 AM

@Pulkit: thanks for your comment. I havnt realized God yet. I would be happy had you.

@Ayangar: Again, my question is who is God.

@ cyclopseven: thanks for a nive long comment. I agree most of your view points.

@Priya: I am happy that the questions baffled you. only this baffling will lead to wisdom if handled with honesty. I dont think pantheism is another form of atheism. I think it is another form of theism. the only difference between theism and pantheism is who is god and the connection he/she have with this universe.

The Generalist said...
January 17, 2011 at 4:06 PM

i believe everything is just an accident but apparently there is some order or patterns to this accident.. well that could also be a coincidence..

i m an atheist,

Bharathi said...
January 17, 2011 at 5:00 PM

@ Generalist: that order or patterns are too strong to conclude as coincidence. that is the one which turned me as an agnostic.

Chandramouli said...
January 27, 2011 at 1:33 PM

When we pray to God, we only relate to the highest energy-power that is within every one of us. That's why many people say that 'God is within'. Anthony Robbins' favorite book deals with this phenomenon - "Unleash the giant within". I agree with the exhaustive comments of "Cyclopseven". God is a name we have perhaps given to the unknown/unexplainable (until now) energy that pervades through this universe.

Bharathi said...
January 28, 2011 at 10:44 AM

@ Chandramouli: hmmm

Kamal said...
March 19, 2011 at 11:02 AM

I agree that this world is already programmed. Only thing is that we will not understand how the program is running, now and never will.

May be if such source (whom the world call as God) exist, he is the only person who happened to know the language and the logics he wrote in the program. If such source doesn't exist, lets put the blame on the nature's program itself.

By this time you would have guessed that I am agnostic too :P

Bharathi said...
March 21, 2011 at 8:50 PM

is God exist or not, we need to find out.
who knows, your search may end up finding the codes or atleast answer to the existence of such codes.

I woudnt recommend you to see God as how this world portrays. I feel it is absolute rubbish.

being an agnostic isnot a crime. for the matter being a theist is also not a crime. I feel it is bad, only when you get struck there.

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