Moral of the story

A head monk of a zen temple went to meet an enlightened zen monk and said,

"we used to have hundreds of monks searching for wisdom in our temple. But now a days I don't know why but the numbers drastically decreased and it came down to an abrupt seven. I am so sad. I don't know what to do"

"Son, don't worry about the numbers because one of your seven members is an enlightened person"

Some how satisfied with his answer he went back to the temple and conveyed this message to all the six other members. 

From the next day on wards, the way they treat each others changed. Every one was thinking the other might be an enlightened monk. This automatically added respect and love to what ever they do to each other. Slowly bliss started flowing every where in the temple that ultimately attracted people. 

The temple became popular more than what it used to be.

This story stayed in my mind for months together now. 

We say, judging people and acting according to it is very important in life. The way you treat others certainly have an influence on their reciprocal reaction. when you judge people, you are prejudiced and compel the opponent to act in a certain way. when we have an open mind and treat with love, at least others try to justify our trust. I think this works for many an occasion. 

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