When I went home, it was 8:30 at night.

To my surprise, my kid was in bed. I asked my mum, “is she asleep?”

Before my mom answers, she sprang from her bed and said “Dad, I have a surprise for you”

In no time she held my hand and led me to the library room and said “my aunt bought this for me” showing a pair of beautiful white birds.

The cage was knitted in thin rod making a shape of a house. The birds were like jumping here and there fluttering the wings as there were no much space left.  Little bit of water was kept in a wide lid of a bottle. The cage was placed on a newspaper. Her idea was to save the floor from bird shit.

I saw some bird food placed on a silver plate. But it was all over the cage. In fact, all over my house. I can sense it with my bare foot.

She asked me “Prag (her cousin) also got one. How is it?”

I reluctantly said “it’s OK”

I never like raising pets at home. It’s not like I am averse towards that helpless creatures. I value freedom very much in my life. I didn’t like the idea of caging or tying to keep it away from its natural habitats.

A while later, I said “I think there is little space in the cage. Why can’t we leave it free in the sky”.

She looked at me like an alien and slowly moved inbetween myself and the cage. From that moment she never let me near the cage.

All my persuasion went waste and I started putting that aside and concentrating on other aspects of life.

After a week, when I went home, I saw the cage open wide and no birds were in that. Her cousin’s cage was also empty.

I asked her what happened. Her aunt, (cousin’s mother) said them that, she would lock them up in a room for ten days and if they can happily survive, they can retain the birds. She also explained that it would be sad to cage birds with such beautiful wings.  

Since they were kids, they took that in good spirit and with big heart, gave freedom to them. Freeedommmmmm.

The next day, her cousin said that the dog eat her birds.

I said “it cant be. Are you sure?”

“If you want come with me, I will show you the remaining feathers”

I said “I don’t want to see it”

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