Am I?

Initially i thought a capital punishment would suffice.

But later, after seeing many images that my friends posted in Facebook, i decided only a worst Chinese punishment would do justice.

But what could mere punishment can do other than just a child like tit for tat?

Why everyone are outrageous and emotional as like this? Is this the only rape happened in india? Isn't there any thing more cruel than this happened in other parts of India? Don't we need justice for that?

OK. Alright. We need a change in the system. National security system should be altered.

Who is responsible for this? Police? Yes. Only corrupt police are responsible for allowing criminals to survive. Didn't they leave away that bus with black sun screen through police check post?

So, we need action to wash away corruption from police department.

But wait. Why are they corrupt. Isn't that because of ministers who took bribe for postings and transfers?

Ok. Alright. We need a change in political setup too. Corrupt ministers should be ousted out.

And also, isn't the society responsible for preparation of criminals? When a society focuses and gives attention to only those who earn more and one who attain the highest power, forgetting moral values and mutual love, how can we expect the citizens to be kind to people.

Do you want the society to change its mind set?

And one more thing, do you know who elect the corrupt politicians again and again. And do you know who is the part of this society?

Yes. Its me, you and all.

Now do you know who is responsible for the mishap in Delhi?
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